Tuesday, 31 January 2012


CC: Alpine windows by Cyclonesue/TSR
This is a new starter for a family of 4. It is extremely sparsely decorated both inside and outside in order to keep the price very low, but it should contain everything a family basically will need to start a new life in town.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Villa Ville Kulla Daycare

"Is this place a residence or  a community lot?" You might ask. And to that I can only answer: "Both"
The ground floor is the commercial part where the owner of the house can run a kindergarden for a living. And after work, he or she can just go upstairs to the private rooms. Up there is a whole apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/living room.
The kindergarden part contains a nursery, a childrens´ bathroom, a kitchenette and a large daily room with all kind of toys for kids of all ages. Even the garden has become a playground so this is just the perfect place for the simmiebabies when their parents are busy. It is build on a 15x20 lot and holds no CC but some Store-items.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fitness Friend

Isn´t it  a fantastic antigram for Torture Chamber, I just figured the latter would attract the wrong sims.... My decision to make a whole bunch of community lots on very small pieces of land really became a trial with this fitness center. It´s build on a 15x10 lot and as I needed more floors I also had to add either stairs or lifts and that caused me some severe thinking. A single staircase is a no go for community lots in my opinion, sims will get out of their mind because others are blocking the stairs all the time. Only one lift gives you problems as these are actually the slowest lifts ever seen, so you need at least two. And both stairs and lifts need lots of space. Now you can judge for yourselves which one you prefer if you wish to visit this fitness center, you can always change things in your own game, remember.

Fitness Friend....Well, looking at these pics won´t cause you sweat or tears

Friday, 27 January 2012

Brasserie Celine

Even the owner of the smallest hotdog-stand wants people to know, that her stand is something special. We all like to be told that people appreciate what we are doing, but lets face it, some lines are more fashionable than others. If for instance you own a diner, deep inside you know, that running a michelin-restaurant is a bit more fashionable. so why blame a few sims if they overdo the place they are working or their title a bit! They just realize, that we are all too easy to impress. I would like to introduce you to Brasserie Celine, the "poshest" diner ever:

Brasserie Celine
CC: rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/www.customsims3.com

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cyprinus Put and Take

Some time, all on your own with a fish rod ....Sims need entertainment just like the rest of us, and to some of them a fishing expedition is the definition of fun. Now not all anglers are fond of travelling but they want to catch all possible kinds of fish anyway, and now they can, if you have the World Adventure-Expansion that is. Because I have made a "put and take"-fishing park and larded it with all kinds of fish from the foreign destination. And your sim can even stay for days, as the place has a bed and breakfast as well:

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mini, mini, mini

I love mini lots in case you didn´t notice. Today I have two small provincial town shops for you, one of them, The Three Little Fishes is a rabbit hole for grocery store, dressed up as a fishmonger. The other one: Pets and pud, well, the name says it, it´s a pet shop and not a rabbit hole.
The Three Little Fishes, a grocery store dressed up as fishmonger.
CC: Rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/ www.customsims3.com
Pets and Pud, at cute little pet shop

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Smallville City Hall

I´m pretty proud of myself today. Can you imagine, I have managed to build a whole city hall in just a few hours! But then of course, Smallville is indeed a small town, so they probably don´t need much more than a couple of desks to run the whole business :-)
I´ve tried to find an english word for a place with the function of a city hall but in much smaller scale, but I didn´t succeed. In danish we used to have a municipal office in the smaller towns and  city halls in the bigger places only, but now a days everything has to seem very important, far more important than for normal peolpe to understand and at best we try to give everything an english name, which kind of make things sound modern and fashionable. Thus a cleaning woman has become a renovation assistent! Posh, huh!
I have used a  City Hall rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx (link under picture) and of course you can put other rug inside the house if you like. For instance you might want the policestation in the same building, as it sure is a small town. Just remember to leave enough space around the rugs in order to avoid problems  with crowds that tend stop everything!
Besides the rug, there is no CC, and the lot is only 20x20!
Smallville City Hall
CC: Credits to Jynx/ www.customsim3.com  for rabbit hole replacement rug

Monday, 23 January 2012

Svalereden, a cute starter

I can´t blame you if you get a bit confused because of the lac of continuity in my row of builds.
I guess they just show a perfect picture of the inside of my head: A total mess, but at least with tiny spots of usefull ideas here and there.
Today I have made a new starter on a tiny lot. It´s called Svalereden (The Swallow´s Nest) because swallows always like to build their nests beneath the eaves of old houses like this.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

House of Culture

This lot has an alarming resemblance to the previous Smallville Centre of Culture, you might think. And you are absolutely right. I detected an issue that I didn´t know how to fix, namely the fact that the basement was inaccessable.
Therefore I have made a brand-new " Culture Club", and this time everything works just fine:

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Goods and Gold, Consignment Store

"Even small towns with only small lots need an active business life in order to really bloom".
That was what old Missy van Haflinger thought when she woke up one morning and just knew, that she could do something to prevent her beloved town from withering away. She also realized that there were no heirs to her big collection of things from trips and interests through a whole long life, and she decided to sell it all and donate what she got out of it to the town. So she simply put an add in the newspaper and converted her birth home to a consignment store. And even though dear Missy past away some years ago her cosy (and dusty) little shop still runs. And thanks to her, so does the town.

Imagine to have the whole world passing by

After having opened this blog I have gone totally bananas studying statistics. Isn´t it amazing that you can add apps that shows you where people come from?
On the map above you can see those who can be seen from the last 100 visitors! I know I am a bit crazy but every day I go in there to find out if I have been given a new country. Almost  all european states have been here except Albania and Macedonia, I think. And at the moment I have a small, crumpled scrap of paper on my desk where I´ve scribbled down every time a new american state occurs, just for fun. A the moment I have 21, and I don´t even think I have been doing it for a fortnight yet. I have 6 continents represented, 7 if you call Egypt an african country, which I would. Several people from a number of asian countries have also payed me a visit. 
But what I have been really surprised about was the short visit from Ho Chi Minh-city, North Vietnam!!! I thought that was impossible? And my son was determined that it was a mistake. but why should it be?
Maybe there has been North Vietnamese spies looking for irregularities in my lots!
I prefer to believe that Ho Chi-Minh uses to play The Sims 3 in his spare time ( if of course he hadn´t died back in 1969). :-D
Anyway, anybody who´d like to visit my blog should feel welcome!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Stærekassen aka Starling´s Nest Box

Today I have this starter for you. The lot is tiny and the interior cheap, but who cares as long as they can get their first very own house?
There are a few Store-items but no CC:

What can you do when you can´t sleep. The bed probably is too bulged.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Smallville Centre of Culture/ Please read the correction note at the download link

On a new small lot 20x20 I have build this quite luxorious centre of culture. It is a mixed library, book-outlet, café, practice room for your musical developement, actually there is hardly a thing you can´t do here, except having a swim.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Smallville School

As you might have read on an older entry, I have been planning to make a series of small lots. And doing that, I of course also need small community lots. So here is my first, a public school. Being a teacher in real life I consider public schools one of our most important joint obligations. I believe that the best schools should be for everybody not only those who can pay!
But building on a small lot kind of puts restrictions on you, and I have found, that without much space my schools tend to be kind of old fashioned. The playground on this one certainly is too.. And mind you, this is a rabbit hole, so I can´t even brag about how creative the place looks inside as it is actually empty :) But still, I think the place looks rather friendly,anyway:
Smallville School
CC: Rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/ www.Customsims3.com
You should get the illusion of the gymnasium behind the high windows

The school is build on a 15x20 lot and the cost is around  29-30.000 S.
There is no CC but the rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx, find the link under the top pic.
Get Smallville School here...

Monday, 16 January 2012


Today I´m taking you to Rylebo. Yet another Low Energi inspired building. It is furnished by a family who like to live rather minimalistic, I think, the colours and materials used are strict and consistant. I really admire people who can live like that, it can look absolutely fabulous. But lets get real, my house looks a bit more like Ragnarok as we vikings put it, you might change that nordic word and put Chaos in stead. Anyway, a house with so few colours inside would never be an option for me, I´m far too fond of flowers and pretty rocks and that little though rather in every possible way heavy ashtray my very dear young friend made in preschool.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


I´d like to stay with the low energy houses for a while.  Concern about the environment is indeed an important cause, but as you probably have noticed, there are not that many windmills on my lots. I like to use my Mb on far less courageous stuff. However, I find the architecture of many of the new danish L E houses rather interesting and thus I look at that and steel with hands and feet for my sim lots.
Spurvebo is limed with the yellow colour typical for the houses of the Skagen fishermen. There is an issue with the roof that I haven´t managed to avoid just like on my previous lot. It doesn´t affect the game though, and I have chosen to keep it that way because the use of different roof styles is important to the profile of the house. This time I have also loaded the house with paintings from b5studio and a single on from awesims. You´ll get links to both underneath the picture of Spurvebo.
CC: Modern Masters/Antique Life Drawings/Sleeps with the Fishes/Lines Squared by www.b5studio.blogspot.com
Unmounted by awesims.sixty-ten.net

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Today´s upload, Mejsebo, is inspired by a low energy house, I found on the internet. I had a lot of trouble building the roof, and when I was finished decorating and everything and just needed the last pictures I found that it was actually cutting through both the painting and the bookshelf in the study. Now as my building world has no rich sims who can test the house, I haven´t seen, if this matters in game, I gather the roof is down when you play, but maybe it stops the sims from reading books from the study shelves. If that is too annoying. you´ll just have to change the shelves to some smaller.
Have a look:

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Røllikegården, the third mini lot

This is inspired by a house I used to live in. In real life it was actually a flat on top of a ground floor-apartment but as I´m not too much in love with flats in the Sims3 in opposition to the Sims 2, I´ve decided to make it a self-contained residence. It is in the same series as the previous two ones, but that should be quite obvious.


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The second mini lot build: Ribisgården

Ribisgården is for a single sim, male, I gather, by judging the interior. It is rather expensive over 100.000 and because of that I have changed the car to a far cheaper model than the one on the picture. At least I think I have. I´m getting old , you see, so I don´t remember what I do or when I do it :-) Only I figured,if you can afford a 85.000 sim. car and want to show your wealth so much, you are not likely to want such a small house! Well, what do I know, I can´t afford neither car nor house. On the other hand, I love my cheap little flat so I couldn´t care less.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Back to the residentials

On the danish site http://meresimp.danskforum.net there has been some plans about building a mini world with mini lots only. This has been my inspiration for the next few houses.
The first one is a family house with 3 bedrooms, 1 livingroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen/diningroom and outside a patio and a carport. The lot is only 10x15, but I haven´t thought about how much it would cost at all, so it´s not too cheap. I have used Store items but no cc. Have a look at Rosengård and see if you like it:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Applefield Health Center

After all that nectar you might need some painkillers and in Applefield Health Center you´ll find just the best doctors who can give you a prescription. Applefield is a small town and there is no need for a whole hospital, not the least because the sims mostly use it for childbirth and work. So this clinic just has a few beds, and to be honest I don´t know if they are updated for Pets as they are only there for show, anyway.
Because this lot is actually a rabbit hole!
Once again I have used Jynx´s rabbit hole replacement rugs, and this time even some hospital stuff by Hekate999 and some of Bau´s paintings. Thank you guys, for having made all those things for the rest of us to enjoy.
You´ll find links below the picture:
Applefield Health Center
CC: Rabbit hole replacement rugs by Jynx/Customsims3.com
Chinese instructional health paintings by b5Studio
Hospital stuff by Hekate999/MTS
Skeleton by ATS3
Paintings4doctors by ??? sorry, You didn´t mark your things!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Would you like a nice glass of nectar?

You can swim, read, dance and work in Applefield, but some times you have to take a break. And the why not relax with a nice glass of well tempered nectar? You can actually grow your own grapes and press the sweetest drink out of them. You might even want to make it a living?
Antonia´s Vineyard
I am not the one who´ll stand in your way, no, no. On the contrary. I have build a vineyard for you with everything you need to start as a vigneron. Enjoy Antonia´s Vineyard:
Antonia´s Vineyard
CC: paint by number by b5studio
wine cellar paintings by ATS3

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Applefield Tribune

A decent town will need places to get a job and have a carreer. For the journalists in spe and the office klerks The Applefield Tribune offers that possibility. Fortunately for our sims there never seem to be shortage of employment, I just wish I could say the same about real life.
Once again I have used a rabbit hole replacement rug. It acts a little strange though because you have to click the cursor directly on the rug, if you want to specify why you have gone to the building, i. e. if you want to begin a new carreer there or like to take a writing-lesson. I don´t really know why, but I suspect it could be because there are two doors into the house in stead of only one. And I could of course have removed one of them, but that would destroy the general impression, I think. You can of course change that if you like.

The Applefield Tribune
CC: rabbit hole replacement rugs by Jynx/ Custom sims 3

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Applefield Public School

Well, the children have to have a school to go to. And I love smaller lots so here is a bid for an older public school.
In order to make it work as a rabbit hole I have chosen to submit  a "school rabbit hole replacement rug", which I´d like to thank Jynx at Custom Sims 3 for, the link is underneath the picture.
Applefield Public School
CC: Rabbit hole replacement rug/ Jynx Custom Sims 3

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Art House Applefield de Luxe

As I promised earlier today a more interesting version of my art gallery is now ready for you.
I hope you like it. Honestly I think the paintings in it is the best part. I have borrowed them from
http://b5studio.blogspot.com/ and I would like to thank Bau ever so much for enlightening us peasants with his amazing blog.
Here is Art House Applefield de Luxe:

Art House Applefield CC-free

Any town should have an art museum and Applefield is no exception. So I ´ve built this art house and intend to offer it to you guys in 3 versions: 1. The empty shell, 2. With an exhibition of EA-art only and finally 3. An exhibition with art mostly from my nr. 1 favorite site: http://b5studio.blogspot.com/. This last one I´m just going to make this evening, but if you ask me, I believe, that it by far will be the most interesting as I suppose that most of you just like me are sick and tired of the poor selection the game is born with after having seen it on the sims walls for ages the same paintings again and again :)
Art House Applefield

Monday, 2 January 2012

Not everything is what it looks like

Take for instance this consignment store in 1970´ies style. From the outside these detached lots from those years very often look yawningly boring, but they are just as often rather well planned inside anyway. This little shop is actually only remarkable for it´s assorted articles. Obviously the owners must be fleemarket enthusiasts so your sims can find almost anything here and even sell their own findings as well!