Thursday, 12 January 2012

Røllikegården, the third mini lot

This is inspired by a house I used to live in. In real life it was actually a flat on top of a ground floor-apartment but as I´m not too much in love with flats in the Sims3 in opposition to the Sims 2, I´ve decided to make it a self-contained residence. It is in the same series as the previous two ones, but that should be quite obvious.


Røllikegården contains 1 combined kitchen/dining/livingroom, 2 bedrooms a bathroom. A lovely balcony and a nice patio for the long, mild summer evenings. Store-items may be used but no cc.
Get Røllikegården here...  NB!!!!!! Please continue reading before downloading!
I have detected an issue with the stair case, so I have made a fixed version of Røllikegården. It looks a bit different on the top floor  because I have had to move a wall.
 Get the fixed version here:....       

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