Monday, 27 February 2012

Parish Clerk Cottage

It´s been a while since my last upload, it seems I can´t keep up with new houses every other day, not because I don´t want to, but because I have become a small reminder from my shoulder, telling me, that I would profit from not sitting in front of the computer all the time. So I have bought myself an elevation table and now I can stand up building! But I guess, I have to slow down a bit, anyway.

I have build this small house an made three versions of it: a shell, a no CC version and a version with CC.
Have a look:
Parish Clerk Cottage ( All in )
Ground Floor
First Floor
CC by: Garden Breeze 3, Khany Sims, BPS, ATS3, SimplyStyling, Parsimonious, b5Studio, Sims3Models, Sims3d, TSR:  Cyclonesue, Mutske, Pilar, Ziggy28, Alex Stanton (Get links by clicking Read more...)
Parish Clerk Cottage ( Shell and no CC )

Saturday, 18 February 2012

From starter to experienced

I´m now going to present you to my last project.
The idea is to restore an old town house and make it a genuine home again.
This I have done in three stages.
Stage 1:
A starter for 1 or 2: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen/dining room and 1 living room. A garden that is not cared for. Only sparsely decorated.
Stage 2:
A starter for a family of 4. Top floor is now opened, but only one room yet in use.
Stage 3:
Here´s the same house, only this time it has been lived in for a long time. A family of 5 has been here for a while.
I hope you´ll  find this little challenge as interesting as I have.
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Or maybe you want more....
Why don´t you just press read more and see the slideshow as well

Friday, 17 February 2012

Katrinebjerg Rest Home

In Denmark it is rather common that people live their last time in a rest home. It used to be a place where you could go just because you had become of high age and maybe needed a bit of help in daily life. But the number of elders is growing here like everywhere else and nowadays you have to be really weak in order to get a room. Very often the residents are suffering from dementia and for those who doesn´t and maybe those who does? it can be quite lonely and depressing to live surrounded by weakness, decease and  life fading out and a staff that is overworked and not very well taken care of.
So I decided to take part in the February challenge on my favorite danish site:
The challenge was: Build a rest home for 4 singles and 2 couples and a butler. There were certain other demands and I tried to fulfill it all. Fortunately I didn´t have to worry about real-life-budgets :-)
Here is Katrinebjerg Rest Home:
Katrinebjerg Rest Home

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Old doesn´t always mean oldfashioned

Here for instance is an older house totally restored and up to date.
I do try to decorate my houses in a taste, that I would ascribe to the sims I imagine would move in. So most of the time it´s not necessarily what I would like in my own house. Years of playing with this game has also taught me some about cultural differences: things, materials, colours that are totally hot in the States are not the same as here in Scandinavia. The longer distance in kilometres the bigger difference in home-decor. But that is just the charm and fun about it all.
Here is Hvidbjerghus:

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Modern danish

Well I´m not thinking of pastry! But architecture.
I think it´s a pity that lots of modern danish architecture quite often doesn´t present itself very well.
We have a proud tradition of high functionality in very simple almost bare lines, which in my opinion has a very high level of beauty. But sadly you can´t always see from the outside, how much attention each tiny detail has become. The way the light, that is so precious to us scandinavians, has been given opportunity to embrace the rooms, and the way the building materials has been chosen so considerate and tasteful, nothing is left to coincidence. -I wish I could invite the world inside to have a look.
And in a way it´s possible. The Sims makes it possible. As far as I and my scandinavian co-simmers are capable of passing it on that is :)

CC: TSR/mutske, matomibotaki, kyta1702, linegud, lillibou.
ExoticElements3. b5Studio. Awesims. MangoSims. SimcredibleDesign, GardenBreezeSims3. Get links when clicking at Read more

Sunday, 12 February 2012


And now to a piece of modern, danish architecture. I saw this house in a newspaper add and got fascinated by the livingroom windows.
Hammelhus Shell, thanks to Eurodan for the inspiration
CC: Alpine Windows by Cyclonesue/TSR
The Front is actually rather boring but also in a way very straigth and "clean",
 that is so typical danish province!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Baghuset, get authentic!

This is a copy of a real house, I found on the site of a real estate agency. It is actually a back premises from the very old Copenhagen, when you, like in all bigger cities, I suppose, would build as dense as possible in order to get housing for all the previous farm-workers who came to the city to get work as a consequence of the industrialisation.
The houses were built in quarters with the most expensive and attrative in front and then back house after back house behind the first. The cheapest and poorest houses were of course those in the very back were the sun hardly even reached the roof. It was perfect nests for rats, rot and decease, no wonder the workers and their many children lived a short and sad life.
And then have a look at this baby!

Today this house has become throughout renovated. At least one, but more likely two taller houses in front of it has been demolished, so all of a sudden this tiny, lopsided building lies in the back of a wonderful yard with trees and playground and all the sun and fresh air you can ask for, who would have ever thought that was possible. 
Hardly more than 60 m2, but rather attractive ones, + the stairs and the roof terrace, which of course was not exploited as a special treat back then either.
Actually I´m not entirely sure, that this house would have been for residence, it could as well have been workshop for a carpenter or a tailor or something. At least there is no sign of it having been a drivers premises with the coach in the ground floor, the horse in the first and the coachman in the second. But just imagine, people used to live like that once!

Damhuset, life as a grown up has to start somewhere!

...and why not here!
For almost nothing you can get your very own house and even a tiny garden and a pond along with it, now if that isn´t luxury!
When we were children most of us have probably been dreaming about leaving home and start on your own. In a fabulous house of course with all possible facilities and absolutely no worries about clean clothes, dinner, bills and so on. But most of us have also had to come to the conclusion that less than that is quite alright at least as a beginning. And can you imagine a world where a house like Damhuset is achieveable to a perfectly young adult, wow, that must be Utopia:

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Star

This will be the largest upload yet on Window to My Sims 3.
And what a house!
The lot is actually not very big, only 25x25, but it´s almost 100 % developed.
You can live here with your children and your parents without even having to meet each other, maybe even your grandparents can have one of the 6 bedrooms.
Have a look here and afterwards go to "read more" to see the slideshow that really presents the house.
The Star
CC: Get the specified list with links by clicking at " read more", here I´ll just mention the names of the artists:
ExoticElements, b5Studio, Awesims, Garden Breeze Sims 3, Apple

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


You just thought, you´d figured out what this site was all about and then I changed style! Or...sort of.
This time I have made a commune for adult sims who hate children. Well, I don´t actually know if they hate them, but there is certainly not left room for them in this house, whatsoever.
No, no, here we like peace and quiet, we like to have a nice cup of roiibos tea in our perfectly new african inspired living room, while we are debatting the financial crisis with our friends:
CC: single sheer curtains by lulu265/TSR

Monday, 6 February 2012


Once there let´s just stay in Sweden for a while.
This cottage has plenty of room for a whole family. 4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a study, a large kithen/diningroom and a livingroom. The garden is microscopical, so there´ll be no arguing about who´s turn it is to mowe the lawn. the lot is 15x20.
I have included a few CC-item to which you´ll find the links below the first pic. But as the 11+ Mb turns out to be too much for the Exchange, I´ll be back with a no CC version later. Only in my personal opinion hardly as nice. But you can judge for yourself.
Her is Augustigården with CC:
CC: Paintings and Lean lamp by b5studio
Souris wall-hanging plant by
Cushionsets 1-3-4-5 by Awesims
SY ceiling lamp  by D3VV/TSR
Pax Uggdal Bedroom rug by  riccinumbers/TSR

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back to Sweden: Majgården

I needed a house for a single sim with a horse, so I had to make a new one, and before I knew it I was back in Sweden!
Majgården is lovely little spot.  1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living/diningroom and 1 kitchen. An old stable with box for 1 horse. The tiny garden is cozy but could certainly profit from a caring hand.
CC: Upper kitchen curtain: MZ_Cafe Valance by Missyzim/TSR

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dizzy´s Dimple for all party sims

From outside it doesn´t look like much, but when you enter the building you can just feel that your feet start to live their own life and your butt starts shaking. Dizzy´s Dimple is  the place where respectable citizens would never let their children be seen. The risc that they´ll spot their parents dirty dancing is far to big! This is the hottest dance-club in town, 3. floors of party and two hot tubs in the basement, what more do you want! No CC  and built on a 15x10 lot.


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Smallville Police Station

Smallville Police Station
CC: Oldham curtains by Mutske/TSR
Kate Bathroom curtains by Angela/TSR
Prison cell windows by Cyclonesue/TSR
Rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/ Custom Sims 3
There aren´t many villains in a small town like Smallville, at most a teenager who have forgotten to go home at night or the worst kind, people who spit on the sidewalk and steel candy from the little children. But a town needs a police station anyway, not the least because of the good jobs that follows.

Get Smallville Police Station here...

Well, it turned out that I had to make a light version as well, if I wanted the thing in the Exchange, so you can get that one here. Basically I just replaced all CC with EA-stuff, except the rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/

Get Smallville Police Station Light here:...

Style & Tattoo

Today´s offer is a beauty parlor with a tattoo salon upstairs. I´ve tried to differ the two having in mind that they could be owned and run by two friends or siblings. The style is rather brothel-like, I think, and that was exactly what I was heading for. Before tattoos hat such a rennaisance they were considered really poor taste, it used to be naked women on the sailors´ arms or a heart with "Mother" written in it. And when I was a child hairdressers often hat this, well, in danish we would use a word like sultry, I have no idea if it can be used when in english? The meaning would be something like a bit (or actually very) common. I think, I have hit that pretty offense!

Style & Tattoo