Monday, 25 June 2012

Lidensøhus the octogonal

I kind of like this house a lot myself even though I wanted it to be really round in stead of octogonal. I love circles, you see, and round things, round people, round minds :-)
It´s also built of wood.....I love wood as well. And has a lovely need to tell how I feel about gardens and flowers and trees and...
I found it difficult to decide wether a daytime shot or one in starlight would be the best so I´ll let you choose whatever you like from these pictures:

Maybe I should let you have a tiny look inside since it´s been so long since my last upload and you guys´ll need something new to look at in here:

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kandesøhus, a luxury commune

My latest contribution to Simslille is a commune called Kandesøhus. It´s the home of 5 talented young sims who found out that living together were much more fun than living alone.
They are all quited privileged, though, which you can tell by looking at the house. I´m sure that many youngsters IRL would give half an arm to live in a place like that. I suppose they come from rich families?
Here´s the house built in solid, rough materials like concrete, steel and redwood.
And from the other side in the night time:
And here are the five young people who live in it i my game:
Siw Brunse, who´s a soldier, but thinks about horses most of the time and hopes to become a jockey one day.
Sverre Visholm is a musician and rarely leaves the home without a guitar. He wants to play every instument there is on this earth, but so far he has spent his time perfectioning his guitar skills.
Uffe Krantz is a soft, friendly guy. Quite a nerd, actually. He´s good at computers, gardening and chess and works as a scientist. Uffe used to be Ea´s boyfriend, but she was far too tough for him and finally dumped him. And the poor boy was devastated for days. It seems that he´s back on track again, though. Maybe with a little help from his friend Siw who swopped rooms with Ea so he now has someone to talk to before he goes to sleep.
And Ea Ahlmann moved upstairs and made an atelier in her room in which she´s always busy painting her next fabulous picture. She´s so full of herself, really, so she´s quite satisfied, as it it.
Finally we have Elena Poulsen. She´s a police officer and very skilled at it. Her boss likes her, so maybe one day she can fulfill her dream and get a job at forensics. She´s not the most outgoing person, but maybe she has a rich inner life, her colourful taste indicates that. And even though she´s with the policeforce she´s quite a skilled hacker.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


And of course I´m giving you the house, where the von Dickmeisses live, as well.
One this small 15x15 lot I´ve managed to get room for this:
The garden is decoration only, even though the family gets lost in it every now and then,  I wonder how they manage!
In the basement you´ll find a small pool and some training equipment. The´re´s also Johannes´ room and a very small puritanically decorated room for a butler. He gets gis good salary and don´t have time for relaxation anyway, the family seems to think!
On the ground floor you´ll find a kitchen, a diningroom, a livingroom and a toilet.
 The childrens´ bedrooms are on the first floor along with a bathroom and a tv-room.
And finally on the second floor you´ll find the master bedroom, and granny´s premisses each with a bathroom.


MeresimP, the creator of Simslille, where I have been very busy lately, mentioned somewhere that she liked that one of the members had built a large house with room for a big family even though it´s quite tough on the very small lots.
-I took it as a challenge and thought, "If large houses is what she wants, large houses is what she gets!" and of course I made a big family of three generations to move into the house as well.
It´s the von Dickmeiss family: Grandmother Beate von Dickmeiss who is quite a snob, really, but also from an old, rich family, her daughter, Irene and her husband, Robert, both making a carreer in the medical industry, mostly because the previously mentioned old money is getting quite short. (That is what happens in these years of financial crisis, when sims are not being very careful in lovelife and lead substantial luxurious livings! Tsk, tsk.)
Irene and Robert have not less than 5 children: the teenagers Agnes and Johannes, the twin boys Andreas and Matthias and the cute, little afterthought, Elisabeth:

I forgot to take pictures of Irene and Robert, but here are granny and the children.

If you´d like the family, you can get them here 

Simslille Fin Form, do you really think it´s as boring as it looks?

I just came by and had  a look at the poor photo of my fitness center, Simslille Fin Form. To be honest it´s not a very good picture and if i may say so, which of course I may since this is my site ;) the pic doesn´t really do the place justice, it looks very flat and square but in real sims it´s a nice, light and friendly place! Promise!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Simslille Fin Form

My acrobat sim needs a place to work on his muscles, so I have created a fitness center for him, with dojo, climbing, walls and pool.
I actually had nice deck chairs along the pool, but the conditions are quite narrow in Simslille, so I chose to take them away again in order to make traffic of people run smoother:

The lotsize is 25x22. Store-items may be used, but no CC.

Get Simslille Fin Form here

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ildersøhus, Kystvejen 2

Here´s another house build for Simslille, the fabulous small society of mini lots.
This one is a modern single person´s retreat made as an entry for the famous Contest of Young Architecture in Sim York.
With it´s discrete choice of decoration and materials and even the very attractive price around $35.000 it should suit most single sims.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Simslille bibliotek, Rådhusvej 2

Here´s a story for you guys:
The citizens of the small island Simslille have been left in severe speculations.
An old islander, who left for the mainland 70 years ago and made a fortune, has passed away. She had no heirs and as she never forgot her beloved hometown she wrote a will in which she left a very large sum to improve the cultural development in Simslille. Her only criterias were that the poor old library of the island should be made a lot better and that her money should be of use and joy to all the islanders, young and old, rich and poor.
So now the islanders have to chose between two possibilities: Do they want a perfectly new concrete library with a cafeteria and everything and spend the whole amount on getting it OR would they prefer to save the charming old buildings of the existing library, give it a total makeover and still have a few simoleons left for other options?
Which would you choose?
Here´s the new library:

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Simslille gamle bibliotek

The cheaper solution would of course be to keep the beautiful old building. Give it a total makeover and fill it up with the newest computers and board games.
There will, of course, not be room for at cafeteria and a roof terrace is also not available, but the old building do have a lot of charm which maybe fits the sorroundings a lot better than a shining concrete square. The citizens of Simslille are placed in two corners: those who want the new, but most expensive library against those, who prefer the charming old building with is smaller facilities but then still a few simoleons left for the island benefit the children and the old people maybe?
Which of the two would you prefer?
Simslille gamle bibliotek (Simslille Old Library)

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Hyldesøhus, Kystvejen 19

On the small Island, Simslille, built by MeresimP, I have placed this tiny and cosy cottage. It is the home of an elderly couple, Else and Poul-Erik Larsen, and their dear old dog, Tilly.
The house only has 1 bedroom, 1 living/diningroom, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom. But also a well assorted vegetable garden.
The lot size is 15x15.
Why don´t you have a look around:
And take a closer look at the living/diningroom:
You can even see the kitchen from here:
And the bedroom which is tiny:
And by the way here are the Larsens:

At this picture they are joined by their son, Morten and his wife, Tina, their two grandchildren, Emilie and Jonas, their daughter, Merete and the old, but dear dog, Tilly.

The house may have Store-items included but no CC.

Now you´ll get 3 choices:

Get Hyldesøhus without inhabitants here

Get Hyldesøhus with Else and Poul-Erik Larsen and their dog, Tilly here

Or get 3 generations of the Larsen-family but no house  here