Monday, 25 June 2012

Lidensøhus the octogonal

I kind of like this house a lot myself even though I wanted it to be really round in stead of octogonal. I love circles, you see, and round things, round people, round minds :-)
It´s also built of wood.....I love wood as well. And has a lovely need to tell how I feel about gardens and flowers and trees and...
I found it difficult to decide wether a daytime shot or one in starlight would be the best so I´ll let you choose whatever you like from these pictures:

Maybe I should let you have a tiny look inside since it´s been so long since my last upload and you guys´ll need something new to look at in here:



The house is built on a 30x30 lot and will cost your sims just below $ 100.000
Well, I just realized that I have taken no photoes of the master bedroom or the guest room, but maybe they´ll be submitted later on, if I remember. Her are some specs. on the building:
This amazing wooden house is an architectural pearl. Build as it was about 100 years ago and afterwards payed all necessary concern it still meets all possible needs from a modern family. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen/dining room, livingroom and a library, not to mention the lovely garden surrounding the elegant octogonal which even contains a small pond with water clear enough to swim in. No CC.

Get Lidensøhus here

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