Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hello everybody, how about a cup of coffee...

I have made this romantic coffee shop for you in 3 versions. It´s called Sophies Minde after the british painter, Sophie Anderson (1823-1903) and is the danish name for something like: In the memory of Sophie.
Especially earlier it was quite normal to name places after beloved or famous persons even though the places were not exactly monuments but more like residentials or public places like parks or small manor houses.
My community lot here is actually an entry to the May Challenge on the danish site Sims 3 Byggeforum that I have mentioned quite a number of times. By clicking the link you´ll be brougth to the site and the painting by Sophie Anderson that should inspire to an entry of any kind, and mine was this coffee shop.

I´ll show all 3 versions to you and the first one is the original with quite some CC, especially flowers:

 Sophies Minde (CC included)

Thank you Simply Styling for among others the clematis from your Landscape3 set: http://www.simplystyling.de/Sims3/homesims3.html
Khany sims 3 for variuous flowers: http://www.khanysims.be/conversions3-1.php
Camillecc for Murray curtains and lavenders: http://www.camillecc.com/2011/06/18/hobbies-blog-train/
Sim_man123/TSR/ Hawthorne Flower vase: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/browse/category/sims3-objects/search/hawthorne/
MV Blossom vase High level by Sorry, I don´t know from whom
b5studio for the Antique Venetian Mirror: http://www.b-5studio.com/search/label/mirror

Sophies Minde (Less CC)

Thank you Simply Styling for the clematis from your Landscape3 set: http://www.simplystyling.de/Sims3/homesims3.html

Sophies Minde (No CC)

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Inspired by the television series Downton Abbey I have built this patrician home.
It´s for wealthy sims, $ 380.000 is indeed a lot, but unlike real life we all know that we won´t be put to jail if we cheat in this game.....cheat a lot!!!
Gyvelsøhus is built on a 29x14 lot originally for the world The City created by Roselil89, maybe you can recall that I´ve built houses for that world before. It has been quite troublesome this one because it wouldn´t do what I wanted it to, but now, I believe, that is history. Please have a look at Gyvelsøhus, and enjoy by the way, that even though my photo skills still lac a lot, the pics here are way better than the one at the Exchange:

Maybe you´d like to have a look inside as well:

For instance to see the look from the sittingroom to the diningroom, or vice versa

There´s also the look from the tv-room to the sitting room:
Let me suggest that you continue to the next page to see the whole slideshow and get more informations about the house

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Flyndersøhus, yippie, yet another house for you guys

I know, I´ve slowed down quite a lot lately, but thats only natural, I suppose, after having produced such a number of lots since November.
With this one I´ve still had the world, Simslille, in mind, and it´s placed on Kystvejen 24. You can have it with or without the family it´s build for, the Schwalbes. Would you like to see it?

I´d also like to introduce you to the family who lives here: Meet the Schwalbes:
Father: Preben, mother: Line, twin daughters Katinka and Kamille and toddler son, Kalle.