Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sinderup huset

This´ll be the first house I´ve made in Starlight Shores or Simmywood, as I´ve called it in my game, now is that original :) Actually I dont think it fits there. It is a 1970´ies inspired, danish, deattached house with room for the perfect family of mother, father, daughter and son. How boring is that? And still, it´s just a nice little house without pretention.
Evergreen plants makes the garden almost carefree,
besides it´s so small you almost can´t call it a garden!
The furniture was very often made of pinetree covered with
 checked horsecloth, that was rather hot at the time. Being a kid I just thought
it was scratchy.
Everybody had new kitchens. Oak veneer and white goods were everything but white:
Oxblood, olive, ochre,.... a lot more strange than actually pretty.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bianca´s House

When I started in preschool I met a circus princess! Or at least she was as exotic as one. In Denmark in the later 1960´ies we were all fair haired and blue eyed, but Bianca was dark as the night, with long black curls and big brown eyes, it was even said, that her father was french! Now that was really rare, an achievement actually, who else in the whole wide world had a french father?
Well, he was not around, anyway, her mother had married another man, blond and pink as a pig, just like the rest of us, so the poetry was withering.

Besides we never really became pals Bianca and I, as we lived in two opposite ends of the town. But I still feel so ashamed when I think about the day, when her woman´s magazine with folded pages for scraps fell from the table and the scraps came out. Bianca wasn´t there to save her treasure, and the rest of us threw ourselves over the scraps and stole the best of them. Including some with gold or silver mica(?) on them. Children can be really mean some times!

I don´t know where Bianca is today or how her life is. We moved out of town when I was 10 and I lost touch.

But Bianca lived in a house that looked like the one I have made for you today. Because to me it has always been almost as exotic as the girl.
 I passed it on my way to town the other day and found, that it probably had been exactly as small as I recalled, because now, there was an extension just as ugly and big as the real house was pretty and small. I certainly didn´t want that in my game, so if you want room for a large family, you´d better look for another house.

See the rest and get the specifications on the next page

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tempohytten, CC-free version

As a lot of you guys try to go a little easy on the custom content, I have decided to offer you a cc-free version of the renovated Tempohytten.
It has become a bit less meringue-like without all those lace and knick-knacks, which is getting somewhat closer to my own personal taste. But I still feel a bit queasy when I look at it. I´m glad I don´t have to live there, even though I wouldn´t mind the garden.
Judge for yourself:

If you want to se the inside as well, you can just click on: read more

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

From nothing to romantic shed

I have no Idea of the name of this house in other languages than danish, but it is from Appaloosa Plains, 19440 Carrotfield or something :)
The lot is my entry to a challenge at the danish site Sims 3 Byggeforum in which we could order our own challenge, selecting between a few given neighborhoods and whether we wanted to renovate an existing lot or build all a new. With these choices,  the dice were thrown and would decide how we were to fulfill our individual entry. I was told to go to the adress mentioned and renovate the house in a romatic style and this is what I have ended up with. I´m especially proud of the working fishpond/pool, as I have never done such a thing before.
Bella Rosenquist was just leaving her parents home with next to nothing in her savings. But she could buy this house and with the help from friends, a paintbrush, hard work and findings she turned the place into a gorgeous little den. She even managed to restore the small pond who used to be on her land before the big mashines came and turned everything into  flat land. The water is so clean, you can actually swim there, and the frogs may be returning soon!
Look at this:

Tempohytten BEFORE

Wouldn´t you just love to sit here with the one you love?
CC described on the next page

Monday, 12 March 2012


I know I have slowed down considerably and it reallys show on the number of visitors on this blog. But what else can you do if health tells you to spend a bit less time on the computer.
However, I have spend time enough for this town house.
It is a strange mix of styles just like lots of older houses in my neighbourhood. Started as a tiny shed on a piece of old market garden-land that the workers could afford, just outside Copenhagen. Build of available materials of all kinds it grew and budded a new room here and a new floor there as the economy of the owners allowed. That procedure resultet in a whole suburb of very often quite strange and definately very individual houses. Not always all that pretty but always rather charming indeed.
Alliancehuset is inspired of those houses. The backyard with room for a pig and a few hens has been sold  years ago, so the garden is tiny, and even though the house looks quite large it is not all that spacious.
Have a look:

Obviously the house needs a redecoration as it has been untouched since the middle of the 1970íes, which is proved by the green dishwasher, stove and fridge. The wallpapers will become retro in a number of years as wll as the furniture, but right now it just look a bit mother-in-law-ly. :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Square

I have made this modern villa for you with a lovely patio in the middle. The style is quite minimalistic, just like I like it and I have made it practically without CC.
That is, there are a few plants by sims 3 d in the patio, but that´s it. By the way, obviously CC enough to make the house "cost" 8,18 MB, and I haven´t been able to get The Exchange accepting it, so I´ll probably go back and make a totally cc-free version as well. But till then we can rely on Mediafire :)
Later: Tell you what! That didn´t help at all, so mediaFire will have to do with the CC-free version as well.
Here is The Square:
The Square
As a shell
Here´s a look from the patio through the hall to the front door. The picture shows the lovely plants by Sims 3 d that I´ll have to remove for the CC-free version.


I´m trying to learn not to upload all the time and create so much, I have my shoulder to think of as you might have read. But today I have something for you that has really been bothering me a bit. The observant user of this blog might thing: "I´ve seen this before," and I can only respond "So true, my friend, so true!". This is indeed a house which is already here, previously known as Spring Park.
 Now why swhould this cosy little spot bother the woman, you could say, and let me tell you why:
This little house is where I live IRL, well, at least as close as it gets. I made a no CC version and uploaded it at The Exchange, and here´s the problem: NOBODY wanted the place that I love so much. I´m never going to leave this, or should I say when I am it´ll be feet first, in a casket.
After having become addicted to uploading my lots I have had to realize the terrible fact, that I like to see how many people who want my stuff. I´m even counting sometimes!
Yes, I know, it´s embarrassing, but honestly, if that can make an old hag feel happy, who cares..... And as long as people close to me feel free to tease me about it, and believe me, they do!....I mean, nobody ´s getting hurt here. Except me, because why don´t others look with the same devoted eyes at my dear home?
Links to CC can be found if you click on the "Read more"-button rigth below
So, now I have left the CC-version and spiced up the place with lots of flowers and paintings which is actually closer to what it really looks like  but also makes it a bit heavy.
I just want you guys to see it!