Monday, 12 March 2012


I know I have slowed down considerably and it reallys show on the number of visitors on this blog. But what else can you do if health tells you to spend a bit less time on the computer.
However, I have spend time enough for this town house.
It is a strange mix of styles just like lots of older houses in my neighbourhood. Started as a tiny shed on a piece of old market garden-land that the workers could afford, just outside Copenhagen. Build of available materials of all kinds it grew and budded a new room here and a new floor there as the economy of the owners allowed. That procedure resultet in a whole suburb of very often quite strange and definately very individual houses. Not always all that pretty but always rather charming indeed.
Alliancehuset is inspired of those houses. The backyard with room for a pig and a few hens has been sold  years ago, so the garden is tiny, and even though the house looks quite large it is not all that spacious.
Have a look:

Obviously the house needs a redecoration as it has been untouched since the middle of the 1970íes, which is proved by the green dishwasher, stove and fridge. The wallpapers will become retro in a number of years as wll as the furniture, but right now it just look a bit mother-in-law-ly. :)
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A strange mix of styles has turned into this charming townhouse full of decorating possibilities. 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 separate toilets. Kitchen, diningroom, 2 livingrooms en suite. The house is decorated in an old fashioned style with room for a couple and two children. A small front garden with room for a dining table. Absolutely CC-free.

Or if you prefer the empthy shell, have a look at the ground plan and get it in my Helter-Shell-ter-section here...

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