Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Myrtle Cottage

Another small Family home for your sims. Myrtle Cottage only has 2 bedrooms, but if you like, you can make acces to the first floor by a ladder or a staircase and take the squaremetres up there into use. I have chosen not to, I just wanted some height to the built in order to stay in the Dragon Valley Style.
This house also have 1 bathroom, a kitchen and a living/dining room. In the garden you can try to catch dinner in the charming private fish pond.

Myrtle Cottage

ground floor
the undeveloped floor

The view to the kitchen
No CC has been used, but as usual most likely stuff from all stuff- and expansion-packs up untill University and patch 1.55 as well as from the Store. The things will be replaced by standard stuff if you don´t  have them.
Get Myrtle Cottage here

Mushroom House

Here´s a larger house for your sims. Spread on 3 floors it has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large kitchen diningroom and a livingroom. In the garden you´ll even find a workshop equipped with tools foralchemy and jewelcarving along with not less than two growing stations for herbs and vegetables and 2 bee hives. For fun and exercise your sims can take pleasure in the basketball platform.

Mushroom House
The ground floor
Top floor

No CC has been used, but Store-items as well as stuff from most likely all stuff- and expansion-packs up untill University, and patch

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fruittree Cottage

Here´s an old cottage in Dragon Valley style for the small family with garden interests.
The house has 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen/diningroom and a livingroom upstairs with entry to a nice balcony. There´s a garden with lots of herbs, vegetables and fruittrees.

Very idyllic, don´t you think
The ground floor floor
The house is only sparsely furnished, I like that for the Dragon Valley houses, but of course things will appear gradually when my family needs them as I guess they will in your game.
I have used no CC, but very likely stuff from all expansions untill University and this house has been built when my game was patched for Paradise Island even though the actual world has not been published yet so it´s only the patch!
Things that are not standard will be replaced as such, if you don´t own them.
Get Fruittree Cottage here


Blueberry Cottage

Now here´s a nice Little house for a typical Dragon Valley Family.
I has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a livingroom and a large kirtchen/diningroom.
It´s but sparsely furnished, but you can of course make it more like your own.
From the front 
And the back
Ground floor
And floor
I have used no CC, but stuff very likely from all stuff and expansion packs up untill University, and my game has been patched for Paradise Island when I made this house! I also use lots of Store-items which will be replaced by standard stuff if you don´t own them.
Get Blueberry Cottage here

The Dragon Valley style

Hello everybody, it´s been ages since I´ve been around. Not that I haven´t built lots, I just haven´t felt like posting, making screenshots and maintaining the blog really. Still I´m surprised to find that people still pass by every now and then. And if there is a saying like "patience pays" or something like that this will be the proof. Because I have really enjoyed Dragon Valley and have made a few houses for the world as well, and why not share some of them!
I haven´t furnished a lot or made hundreds of shots, which of course would sell the lots much better, but those of you who have found my blog probably know my stuff already or at least the quality of it. But have a look if you like.