Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Casa Erbe

I love Monte Vista!
It´s a wonderful world and at the moment the only place for my sims to live. Part of the reason is probably that I like to have gardens, nectaries and nice fishing spots along with sims who share my interests, and Monte Vista is just perfect for that.
This time I´ve built a 2 bedroom villa for you. If you like, you can maybe expand the house as the first floor is only for the sake of appearances so far. I have tried not to economize too much with the interior decor, but there is still plenty of room for your own taste.
Have a look at Casa Erbe:

Here you can have a view from the top of the house, as it kindly raised it´s hat just for you

You´ll find a hall which also serves as an office

The diningroom is just part of the livingroom and you can see the kitchen through the two arches
I really hope the weather is warm, so that the baby doesn´t get cold on the tile floor
The two bathrooms are decorated with lovely mediterranian tiles

And certainly you can always have a cold drink on the terrasse
If you are not too busy in the vegetable gardens that is
The lot has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 livingroom with diningfacilities. Large vegetable garden and lots of space around the house for further improvement.
It´s a 40x30 lot and the price is around 61.000 simoleons
No CC has been used but most likely store-items along with stuff from all packages and expansions.
Get Casa Erbe here 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Casa Patate

Sometimes I fell like taken by a wave and the lots really crowds in my mind trying to get out. And actually the pretty world Monte Vista has been the perfect trigger for a wave like that.
This new house: Casa Patate is a starter for the young family with gardening interests:
It certainly is a starter though, otherwise shutters would have really helped on the looks
but you can add them, when the family can afford them.
As you can see, I have made a small family for the house: the Bottaio´s, Antonio, Theresa and young Giuseppina. The first thing they did, having moved into the house was to throw themselves in front of the TV. Ungreatful bastards.
On the first floor you´ll find the master bedroom and the only bathroom of the house.
But maybe you´d just like to see it all from the top:
The ground floor, where you´ll find an open Kitchen/dining/livingroom and a tiny nursery.
And the first floor with master bedroom and bathroom.

The house is built on a 20x20 lot and has as said 1½ bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen/dining/livingroom. And a small vegetable garden. the price is just under $19.000

No CC has been used but Store-items as well as stuff from all stuff-pack and expansion can occur. It wil be replaced if you don´t own the pack.

Get Casa Patate only here

Get Casa Patate AND the Bottaio´s here
Get the Bottaio family WITHOUT house here

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Casetta del Fiore

I don´t speak italian but Monte Vista sort of calls for italian names so I have decided to try to make the names of my lots in the Monte Vista style at least sound italian humbly hoping that they are not totally strange. As for this second, small house: Casetta del Fiore, which I hope meens the Flower Den of something close to that.
It is a small house ment for a single sim or maybe a couple and I have built it on a small lot of 15x10 tiles of which the house and the patio take all with only a 2 tile border surrounding the lot. Doing that, I figured, you can place it on larger lots if you want garden, carparks, sheds or whatever. It´ll be all your choice.
Casetta del Fiore has a combined kitchen/dining room, 1 bathroom, 1 livingroom, 1 bedroom and a lovely patio, and that´s it.
I have used quite a few plants for the patio and also decorated the place with what I thought would look nice and represent the style I wanted, so the price around $50.000 is not that cheap, but you can of course remove some of the stuff if you´d like the place for a starter.
No CC have been used but possibly Store-Items and things from all expansions and stuff-packs, which will be replaced with more basic stuff if you don´t own them.
Get Casetta del Fiore here