Monday, 30 April 2012

Ellesøhus, - another house category

At the moment it seems that the houses I make are actually for worlds created by fellow sims freaks from the danish forum I frequently refer to, and this one is just another one in the row.
But the world I´ve made it for is another than the previous "The City" earlier mentioned.
This one is a small island called Simslille made by MeresimP. It is a pretty tiny community with mostly mini lots and we at the forum have all been invited to create residentials and community lots for it just as we would like them to be.
No sooner asked than done, I can´t let an invitation like that pass away without giving at least one entry. So here´s my first little lot for Simslille, Kystvejen 26: Ellesøhus
The lot is only 12x12 but who cares if you have a view like that! The ground floor contains a livingroom with open kitchen and diningroom and a bathroom.

On the first floor you´ll find two small bedrooms one of which is actually passage to the master bedroom. Follow the read more link, to see more pics.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Today you are going to get another townhouse from around 1900. This one is carefully restored with respect for the original materials, but the interior decoration is as modern as EA allows :)
By the way, I´ve been taught a lesson about bragging: I use to write that my houses are free of store items. NOT TRUE, I´m sorry! Some times I just don´t see stuff. But at least I´m sure there is no CC!
As for this house I believe there is only 1 store thing: The not-so-private-study door!

To give some variation this time you´ll be presented to the three floors of the house:


Monday, 9 April 2012


The previous couple of houses I´ve uploaded are made for Roselil89 new neighbourhood: The City.
I have actually built this one for her as well, but who knows, maybe she thinks that other people should have a go as well, so I don´t know yet, if it´ll be there or if I just have to save it for the rest of the world :D
You can have it if you like:
It´s a town house inspired by the ones in Ebert´s Villaby I have mentioned before. Built around 1900, I guess, and supposed to house a family from the upper middleclass.
As I write, I realize that I have forgotten to build butler´s or maid´s quarters, you´ll have to add them for yourselves if you can´t live with a maid who lives elsewhere.

Go to the next page if you´d like to see the whole house. I´ve made a slideshow for you!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Brydesøhuset, another requested lot

Brydesøhuset is another house for Roselil89´s new world: The City.
She asked for villas of all different kinds for a residential neighbourhood and I have made a few for her.
This one is inspired by an area, called Ebert´s villaby on the island Amager, which is a part of Copenhagen. It is a very interesting place with enormous very often quite pompous houses of a larger variety built on tiny lots, so the gardens are incredibly small and dark . It´s the most charming spot in the middle of the largest city in Denmark.
As the houses are so close to each other, the architects would be rather careful with the windows. Nobody wants the neighbours to know everything.
I would guess the place is from around 1900, and my house here is therefore a bit oldfashioned decorated.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Arresøhuset Family, version 3

Finally I have added an expansion to the house so there is room enough for a whole family:

Arresøhuset, version 1 and 2 of 3

One of my mates from the danish forum,, that I always use to refer to, Is working on a new world, called The City. And she has aske the forum for help to build some houses, which, obviously, I had to try.
Here is my first entry, Arresøhuset:
As you can see, it is very sparsely decorated, as I wanted it to be very cheap. The price is about 20.000 S, so you can´t really call it a starter, but it is still cheap, right!