Sunday, 30 December 2012

La Casa di Violetta

Unfortunately I can´t download La Casa di Violetta from the Exchange anymore, it says that an error occurs. Hopefully you don´t experience that. But if you do I´m sorry, I cant help it and I don´t even have a backup file for the house!! Stupid me!!

Hey everybody and a happy new year to you all!!

It´s been a while since my last lot, I know, but some times one just need a break.
And then here I am again with a freshly built family house in Monte Vista style.
I haven´t cared about the garden at all or internal decor besides furniture mainly because I´ve tried to keep the price of the build within reasonable limits. Well, still it´s not a starter, though. But for the younger family with a few kids it´ll do just nicely, and your family can add paintings and plants when they can afford it. In my game la Casa di Violetta is placed on the corner of Via Veronaville and Veronaroad. I haven´t succeeded in finding totally flat places for my lots in that world, so you may need to adjust a bit with the terrain-tool after downloading this house!
Have a look:
The house is built on a 20x30 lot and has 2½ bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 open kitchen/diningroom and a livingroom.
It is furnished for at family of two parents, two young children and a toddler, and of course a small dog.
No CC has been used, but very likely store items as well as stuff from all extensions and stuff packs

 Get la Casa di Violetta here