Thursday, 11 October 2012


Kahytten is danish for The Cabin, which is what this cosy tropical den is called.
It´s built for an old sailor, Kurt Sønderstrøm, who would like to spend some lovely years of retirement along with his beloved friends, the dog, Tvebak and the parrot, Skipper,made by Mona Solstråle from the danish sims site: Sims 3 Byggeforum. Actually it´s my entry for the October challenge on the same site: "Build for a sim", and I wanted it to be warm and homey, full of nice memories from Kurt´s long life on the seven seas
Kurt doesn´t even bother getting dressed before he
hurries down to feed Skipper
Not exactly to enjoy the sunrise, huh
Kurt has brought lot´s of funny things home from all the destinations
he has visited through the years
If you´d like to see more pics go here
The house is built in Tiki style on a 20x20 lot and fully decorated
 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen with diningfacilities and 1 family room, as well as room for a dog and a bird. 1 marimekkopattern of mine used in the wallpaper, otherwise cc-free, but plenty of storeitems.
price: around 60.000 $
Get Kahytten here

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Søbrisen, the bourgeois

Some of you guys may be a bit lazy and prefer to buy furnished houses. Personally I would hate that, at least when we are talking real life, but for my sims I reckon their lives are so short, so.....
I alway use to complain about EA´s furniture being ugly and oldfashioned, but I have to say, downloading CC-free lots is way safer than places loaded with custom content. Besides it´s a lot easier to upload so you don´t have to be afraid about having forgotten to thank those who should be so.
I have furnished Søbrisen for you, absolutely CC-free. Have a look:

You can read all the specifications about the lot in the previous post
and if you´d like to download it, you can get it
Remember: No CC but plenty of store items that will be replaced if you don´t own them.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Søbrisen, another empty house ready to take over

Fejeeper at the TSR built the great house Seabreeze Loft for Lucky Palms.
I totally fell in love with her plan for a house and turned it into a solution for one of my own tropical paradises. Even the name I kind of adopted, though actually, I wonder what you´d call it in english when something is  translated into another language, directly and therefore kind of twaddled. Søbrisen means lake-breeze in danish, you see, not sea breeze.:)
 Fejeeper´s house and my own are not that alike anymore though, but of course I want to credit her for her part of it.

ground floor
first floor
look through 1. floor
Søbrisen is built on a 30x20 lot and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas one of which the one one the ground floor is connected to open kitchen and dining area. No interior decoration except for kitchen and bathrooms. Store items might have been used but no CC.
Get Søbrisen here

NB!!!One known issue though: Please put a flat roof under the slanted, especially if you are planning to get Seasons! Otherwise I´m afraid your sims will soon find out what a tropical storm´ll do to their house :D

Kontiki, an empty conch for social hermits

"The Flying V" was the name of the coffeeshop which used to stand here untill the owner went bankrupt and the place were torn down. Later the lot was bought by an eager craftsman with a large family, but sadly he was divorced and had to sell  before he even reached the point of moving in. So if you don´t care about the sad history connected to the house, here is a true, tropical pearl for the larger family:

The house has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 living areas one of wich is connected to an open kitchen/dining area. Only bathrooms and kitchen are decorated as well as the outside, the rest is totally up to your sim family.
The house is built on a 35x25 lot and may contain store-items but no cc.

Get Kontiki here