Thursday, 4 October 2012

Søbrisen, the bourgeois

Some of you guys may be a bit lazy and prefer to buy furnished houses. Personally I would hate that, at least when we are talking real life, but for my sims I reckon their lives are so short, so.....
I alway use to complain about EA´s furniture being ugly and oldfashioned, but I have to say, downloading CC-free lots is way safer than places loaded with custom content. Besides it´s a lot easier to upload so you don´t have to be afraid about having forgotten to thank those who should be so.
I have furnished Søbrisen for you, absolutely CC-free. Have a look:

You can read all the specifications about the lot in the previous post
and if you´d like to download it, you can get it
Remember: No CC but plenty of store items that will be replaced if you don´t own them.

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