Wednesday, 30 November 2011


This is the last swedish house for now. It´s a small country house and holds 2 bedrooms, 1 open kitchen/diningroom and a small tv-room and bathroom under the roof. That´s it. Except of course the fact that the small garden also contains a few vegetables to supply the housekeeping money.


And another yellow, swedish "stuga", only this one is for the more wealthy sims.
 CC-free except for: Lily Dining Rug by Angela/TSR and Cazarupt/TSR for: dark slate with white trim                    

The main building of the large farm Aronstorp is the only building left after the last farmer died and the land was sold off. But what a building! Carefully restablished for a new family to fill out with life and laughter. Ground floor: hall, 1 bathroom, study, kitchen with dining facilities and livingroom. 2. floor: hall, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms. 3. floor: master bedroom, nursery and large bathroom. Lovely garden with cosy corners for everybody.


Well, I´m not entirely done with Sweden yet. They have yellow houses there too, you know, and the picture I would like to paint of my swedish community wouldn´t be right if I didn´t submit some of the yellows as well.
So here´s a tiny  swedish cottage. 2 bedrooms, kitchen/livingroom, 1bathroom. Small decorated garden. A lovely little place for the young family of 4.

I´m really struggleing to get these photos nice and describing, but it´s really difficult. And I don´t make things easier with all the small rooms I build, I guess. Or maybe that is just a bad excuse :-)
You´ll have to bear with me, I suppose. Maybe I´ll improve.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Today, or at least with Kigind, I´m back in Denmark. In 1930´ies-1950´ies  vast numbers of these funkis bungalows were built in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Keen on building without the use of custom content unfortunately I have been unable to find the right windows, which actually disturbs the picture quite a lot. I´m also not smart enough to build the high basement yet (don´t know if that is the right word). But normally the bungalows would have full basements and windows kind of in the base wall and an outside staircase as well as an inside. The basement would have a number of smaller rooms for laundry, larder, boiler room and box room. But from the 60´ies and up it became more and more normal that each child should have it´s own room, people got refridgerators and so on and all these small rooms could be changed to residence. As a rule not approved of by the authorities  as they didn´t fit the directions for human living suitability, which nobody cared about.
Kigind was decorated in the 60´ies I think, it´s almost retro :)
Have a look:

Monday, 28 November 2011

Kolvasstorp gamla skolan

I have been wondering why some lots are very popular and others not when you "shop" in the Sims 3 Exchange. Maybe it is because of the names they get. Kolvasstorp gamla skolan means something like: Scirpus Croft Old School!
And this is indeed an old swedish school renovated and converted to residence just like I have seen it several times in real life.
Kolvasstorp gamla skolan

The house holds: Ground floor: hall, livingroom, diningroom, tv-room/study, kitchen, and the former pantry altered to bathroom. 1.floor: large landing with possibilities, here used as a cosy family room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Beds for 5 + a baby. Lovely garden with fruit trees and vegetables. Old barn with room for 1 horse, hayloft and a boxroom organized for the children to play in. Lot-size: 35x25


Tomtebo was my entry to a challenge given in my danish favorite site: Sims 3 Byggeforum
The conditions was to build a micro-lot, sized to fit either the bistro-lot or the spa-ditto in Sunset Valley. I.e. the lot-size could be at most 21x22 tiles. The house was to be inhabited by a family of 5: parents, teenagedaughter and a couple of young twin boys. And the costs could be max. 21.500 for everything, house, furniture and garden. Store-items were allowed but no CC.
I was actually quite satisfied with my entry but of course it was only my one shot among a lot of very interesting entries from all the competitors. I don´t think the winner has been announced yet, but last time I had a look, I was not number 1, though, but that´s ok. With the cost-limit of course there is still a lot to be done at the lot, when the inhabitants have earned enough :)

Swedish low budget cottage, slightly modernized but room for further renovation. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, livingroom with open kitchen. Small garden for playing and relxation. price: 21.488     

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ny Heimdal

NB!! The observant guest will notice that I have made a few changes to the house: I´ve added the danish word for new (Ny) to the name, replaced the roof on the tower of the house with a one that fits better and during that proces even changed the tower-walls on the top floor. The picture here has been altered as well as the link if you´d like to get Ny Heimdal.

And now to something completely different, I guess I should learn how to sort my stuff a bit better!
Heimdal is a neoclassical (I think), danish townhouse, from around 1915 I guess. Like the ones owned by the upper middleclass.The village doctor probably lived there once.
Ny Heimdal


Here is a tiny cottage for a single person, an old grandmother probably.
Krösabacka holds a single bedroom, a living/diningroom, a kitchen and a small privy in the backyard.
In the garden you´ll find a few fruit-trees and som vegetables as well.


You don´t need a palace to hold a big family.
Björklund is inspired by my own family´s  summer cottage although it wasn´t possible to build quite as small as it really was.
We certainly didn´t have a bathroom inside or even water or outlet. All water was fetched in buckets from the well. It was ice-cold and sligthly brown from the high level of iron and it tasted so amazingly clean. The calciumlevel in the water was very low so it was almost impossible to get rid of soap and shampoo.
In the kitchen was an old iron stove with an enormous kettle on it always filled with hot water for cooking and cleaning.
In the livingroom of this version you´ll find a pretty tiled stove made by Lisen. It is very typical for the swedish cottages but definately not for a rather simple place like Björklund, which would have been inhabited by a smallholder with his family; they would have had an iron stove.
For toilet there would have been a small privy next to the barn.
But enough talking, let me take you to Sweden once again to visit Björklund:

Björklund is build on a 20x20 lot
2-3 bedrooms, kitchen, living/diningroom, 1 bathroom

Lilla Hjärtansfröjd

Most of my childhood holidays I spend in Sweden and ever since I have been in love with that fantastic country, the beautiful nature, the language and not the least the architecture of the old countryside houses and farms.
I´m sure you all know Pippi and Emil from Lönneberga, Astrid Lindgren´s wonderful stories and inspired by that I have made a serie of swedish countryside houses and farms.
Lilla Hjärtansfröjd was the first:
Lilla Hjärtansfröjd

3 bedrooms and a nursery, 2½ bathrooms, 1  kitchen with pentry/laundry, diningroom, livingroom.
In the barn you´ll find 3 horseboxes and a hayloft
The farm also rooms a workshop and a vegetablegarden.
Lot-size: 50x50
and the price......bopbopbop....134.000 aprox.

I am working on it

This blog is brand new and I am still working on submitting all my stuff, so please bear with me if you find slips and howlers, I´m just a baby in this business.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Despite the name this house is definately not for your poorer sims. Actually they have to be quite well off if they want to purchase the Pennyless.
Have a look around and judge for yourself.

A nice "little" house for the family of 4 who can state that money is not an issue. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a quite large family room in two parts of which one is the kitchen/dining area and the other the living/tv area. The lovely garden demands practically no maintenance, in stead you can have a nice swim in the pool or maybe have a little nap in a deck chair to the calming whisper of the many rare decorative grasses .
Lot-size: 30x30

The Pengenock

At first there was Pennyless, but probably because of the rather sad but ironically ment name nobody really gave it a chance, so the house was sold and a very well estimed interior decorating company took over the task to redo the house. And so, this is it:
A wonderful 3 bedroom villa for the wealthy and busy.
Large family room with integrated kitchen/dining.
3 bathrooms and a gorgeous lowmaintenance garden with pool.
Lot-size 30x30
The Pengenock

The Monolith

The Monolith is my entry to a challenge at my danish favorite site: Sims 3 Byggeforum
The challenge is to build a box-home on a 20x20-lot. The house should be 6x6 tiles and only one floor + a  basement (also 6x6) but no roof terrace! And it should contain all what a sim or more would need on a daily basis. Store items and CC were allowed. And there was no price limit, so this little house is definately not cheap.
I have chosen to build without CC though.
Have a look:
The Monolith