Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Well, I´m not entirely done with Sweden yet. They have yellow houses there too, you know, and the picture I would like to paint of my swedish community wouldn´t be right if I didn´t submit some of the yellows as well.
So here´s a tiny  swedish cottage. 2 bedrooms, kitchen/livingroom, 1bathroom. Small decorated garden. A lovely little place for the young family of 4.

I´m really struggleing to get these photos nice and describing, but it´s really difficult. And I don´t make things easier with all the small rooms I build, I guess. Or maybe that is just a bad excuse :-)
You´ll have to bear with me, I suppose. Maybe I´ll improve.


Get Morkullan here...

credits to Cazarupt at the TSR for the: dark slate with white trim roof

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