Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Aquarium

This is an attempt to a fusion club. I´m not entirely satisfied with it and definately not with the photoes, it kind of keeps teasing me. My sims seems to like it, though, so maybe you will too. It is intended to be 3 floors of fun, the perfect place to celebrate new years eve 2011.
Happy new year, everybody!
The Aquarium

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Applefield Old Baths

The daily shower is a must to a lot of people in the industrial world, which is in a way funny because most of us use our bodies less than ever when we work. We have to go to the gym in order to get a little sweatty. We also change our clothes everyday and are all together just less needing the same shower than we have ever been before. Yet we consider it a human right to have at least one bathroom per home fully equipped with a shower as a minor or a tub, maybe, if you are wealthy enough, you even have your own spa! But one thing is missing: The social aspect! I Copenhagen a 100 years old public bath, Sjællandsgade badeanstalt, has recently been scheduled as a historical building, and thus been saved from closing down. The plan is that it will be rented and run by volounteers, who have worked very hard against the closing and now organizes free working hours. Probably close to none needs the old bath for actually bathing but the many users enjoy the atmosphere and the social connections across bounderies between age, ethnicity, gender and education or whatever. So we have seen very happy faces in the news!
Applefield Old Baths is not close to be a copy of the one in Copenhagen, at least not from the looks, but I´m sure the social functions of this community lot is the same. Have a look:
Applefield Old Baths

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Applefield Public Library

To me the library is one of the most important community lots. I read tons of books and love it, so I don´t see, why my sims shouldn´t have the same option. The Applefield City Counsil have recently decided to spend some money on the library and here is the result:
Applefield Public Library

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Applefield Park

This lot will be the first in my new project: Community lots. It is a park for everybody young and old, animal or human, fisher-freak or bothanist, there even is a little for the entomologist. And the only thing you have to do here is having a pleasant stay! Welcome to Applefield Park:
Applefield Park

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Vævergården or maybe the Weaver´s lodge

Weaver´s Lodge is at least what the name meens. This house will be so far the last in the row of old stone houses from around th 1770´ies. I guess I´m in the mood for something more uptodate next.
Vævergården is today used as a kindergarden which is why I have made it a place, where children are welcomed, where the garden is a place where it´s allowed to climb in the trees, where things don´t have to look tidy all the time.
CC: Cottage thatch roofing by Apple, TSR

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stenhuset alias Entréhuset

This is the first stone house I got to know, and in the way the name says why: Entréhuset meens the house where you enter, and indeed it was back in the 1770´ies. Entréhuset was namely the porter´s lodge at the estate Aldershvile Slot. Slot meens manor or even palace in danish. The manor house have actually burned down so there is only a ruin left, with it´s own rather interesting story, but I´ll spare you from the Countess of Bagsværd and just offer you the houses of her subjects.
My best friend at school used to live at the old avenue that lead to the manor, as today there are private lots all the way. And Stenhuset is privately owned as well. It is in rather poor shape, sadly, and I think it must be almost impossibly expensive to restore, and difficult as old, scheduled buildings are protected by a vast number of rules and such.
Anyway it is very charming. I would like to show you an old photo of the real house and offer you my sims 3 version, which is shamelessly restored without any hesitation or respect of legislation:
Stenhuset for real and for sims 3
CC: Cottage Thatch Roofing by Apple, TSR

Monday, 19 December 2011


Meens the Meadows or the house at the meadow. Another of my historical stone houses from around 1770. This one used to be the gardener´s house in a large estate called Aldershvile Slot. I´d never heard of it until I started digging, and unlike the two previous lots I don´t think this one still exists today. But I can show you an old photo I´ve found:
At the gable you can see that electric power has been connected to the house and the oblique window  in the thatched roof tells me that the lot has been in habited up untill at least maybe the 1950´ies or so.
Here is my version of the lot:
Enghuset 2011
CC: Cottage thatch roofing by Apple, TSR

As you can see, I´ve chosen to use a custom content roof this time. I suppose it´s the english version of a thatched roof, the top trim on danish thatched looks a bit different. On the other hand I think that Apple at the TSR has done quite a nice job with this one, and frankly the roofs born with the game doesn´t look half as good on these old stone houses, if you ask me.
As always I have made an empty shell of the lot as well, and this time actually two: one with thatched roof and one with normal EA slates. That´s called service I should say :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011


It´s really difficult to teach you how to pronounce the name of this old main building, but think of the vowel sound in the french number 2= deux you´ll be very close to the danish ø. And that, my friends makes it: Seuxgoren, well, sort of... :) It is far easier to tell you that it meens the farm by the lake.
It was build in 1770 in the same area as the previous Højgården and was owned by the same man, Theodor Holmskjold, who, when he wasn´t busy owning houses, were an expert in mushrooms and fungi of all things. He even gave name to quite a few and was very well known in mushroom circles all over the world.
Like Højgården Søgården is owned by my town today and used as a course property. But I have stolen it for you, so now you can move into this little pearl if you like with or without my cc-free-furniture-selection:

And maybe you´d like to see the source as well:

Pretty, isn´t it!

Friday, 16 December 2011


This should be pronounced something like this: Hoygoren.
I got inspired by an old main building from 1770 for this house. In 1963 it was bought by the town counsil and carefully restored and ever since it has been used as a course property. Though being proud of my house I must admit, that it doesn´t really do justice to it´s source being all straight and regular in contrary to the real building, which is very beautiful and quit a lot bigger. I owe to the house to bring a picture of the real thing:
I used to have a lithography of Højgården by the danish artist Ib Spang Olsen that showed the house very well, but it was removed, so I was obviously not entitled to use it, sorry Ib! I submit this photo as well, but it doesn´t show the yellow front which is so special.
Højgaard i Bagsværd, 1770
My version of the house is also smaller than in real life and has a grey roof as I found the red ones in the game too can you say obtrusive about a colour? But then, it´s just inspired by not a copy of. In my town there is a few houses of quite a number in the same style left and all of them are used as public institutions today.
Let me show you my version:
And here is what you´ll get: Ground floor: hall, diningroom, kitchen with old stove, large, angled livingroom with stove, toilet. 1. Floor: Upper hall, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The garden is very well decorated with oceans of flowers and sweet scents. Fully decorated, no CC.
You can of course choose to take the empty shell in my Helter-Shell-ter section if that is what you prefer. But befor you make a decision have a tour: 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Today I have a brand new villa for you. I should say it would have been build in around 1930-1950.
You´ll need to have provided againt a rainy day, if you want to buy it, but once bought you´ll never want to move out again!
You´ll even get a lovely small garden with your very own pond, now, talk about idyl!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Pine Wood Common

This night´s offer is another house belonging to one of my close ones. I´ve been thinking, you know: even though I try to make my copies as close as possible they´ll always be somewhat tidier and in a way more sterile than in real life. My friends and family should of course thank me for cleaning up their places without charging  anything but do I ever hear the word THANK YOU, well up until now, I don´t think so! Ungreatful bastards! Well, they might want to know that I´m offering their house to perfect strangers, I guess, but until they show some better manners I´m just letting people move in. That´ll teach them a lesson!
This house is another end row house. Build between the two world wars as far as I remember, could be after world war two? IRL you can actually see, that the materials the house is made of is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, what ever was possible to lay hands on. It is, however, a lovely little house with a lot of charm, in my opinion, even though I must admit, that it has grown slightly when becoming adjusted to the Sims 3. :)
Guys! Let me take you to Pine Wood Common:
Pine Wood Common

I have even spend a week at least shining up the garden!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shells for everybody

Well, maybe not exactly oysters and mussels, at least not yet, but go on into the Helter-Shell-ter section by clicking the link above. Here you´ll find empty shells of some of my houses if you prefer to decorate them yourself. The latest I´ve submitted are Gregor´s Garden and Udsigten.

Gregor´s Garden

I suppose I could tell you, who lives in this house for real, but I´d rather not. This person is extremely concerned about quality and aesthetics and would probably rather see the total devastating misses I´ve made here  than the few hits. She would definately not be able to abstract from the fact that this is just a game, and without CC even a game on quite strict premisses. So even though I think I´ve done a pretty good job on her house, she will definately hate it!
Well, I love her anyway, I´m just a sissy, even though she´ll at most find my new carreer as an architect for sims rather ridiculous.
Which, of course, it is if you see it very grown up and very not loose at all. Because do we have fun in this world? Oh, yes, I think so! We should all play at least an hour a day, and the world would be a better place!

And here´s to Gregor´s Garden:
Gregor´s Garden

Thursday, 8 December 2011

And how about Spring Park B

Here´s a nice Bachelor´s digs for you. This one actually also belongs to somebody very close to me, but there´s no chance he´ll find out.....I hope :)
Spring Park B
So this one is occupied by a young man in my circle of acquaintances! Have a look at the slideshow and see, if you´d like the house in your game as well.


Beware, family and friends, I´m handing out your homes for anybody who´d like a new one!

This fancy one belongs to a beloved friend whom I´ve known for 25 years. I have had to make a few changes basically because of differences in space IRL and in the game, so some of the rooms have changes occupants. The garden is way smaller than in real life but I´m sure my friends will love the fact that there´s no lawn at all, and no weeds either only one genuine mofo grill for the barbeque on those long, warm summer nights that we do have in Denmark.......that is occasionally.
Have a look at Ryefield:

Well, maybe I should just remove the chimneys, they are SO hideous.
I really think you ought to take a closer look so

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sprucetoft Park

This house may look a bit grey, maybe because it is! But it´s also a copy of the house of two of dearest favorite persons in my life.
Actually it´s an end row house but I have decided to make it a detached lot basically because I haven´t had the patience to find out how to fix the coding for building right next to the border of a lot!
This building is just one of maybe 200 that all look the same except for the colour of the windows. And to be honest I think the whole place kind of triggers my claustrofobic tendensies.
However, that doesn´t change the fact that my darlings live there, and like it a lot.

Why don´t you just have a look:
Sprucetoft Park

On purpose I haven´t done anything to the garden, in fact it is extremely small, but that is due to the fact that I plan on having you to put the house on a lot size exactly of your own choice. Maybe you will put a lot of this type of houses close to one another and make your own almost-row?
Inside you´ll find on the ground floor: a hall, kitchen, living/dining room and terrasse. 1. floor holds: upper hall, 3 bedrooms, one of which with a walk-in-closet, bathroom.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Spring Park

Now, what do I have for you to day. Would you believe it, I´m offering my own appartment dressed up as a small bungalow. As usual it´s not easy to make an exact copy, or should I say not possible, but actually I think this is quite close. I used to live here with my son, but he´s moved out years ago, so now it´s just me here, and to be honest, I can´t figure out, how there was room for both of us then. But that is a spoiled brat speaking :)
Have a look and see if you like it:
Spring Park

Friday, 2 December 2011


Udsigten meens the View. I once knew a boy in a house by that name, that should say everything! I don´t know really but I suppose it was build around 1925 or something. My house here is not a true copy I just took a walk down Memory Lane and grapped what I could get hold of.

A plastered villa from around 1930. Ground floor: Livinggroom, diningroom, kitchen, bathroom, stairs to the yet unexploited basement and first floor. 1. floor: 3 bedrooms a bathroom and an upper hall with stairs to the 2. floor, that holds a family room and a balcony. Lovely garden with fruit trees and vegetables and lots of flowers and relaxation possibilities for old and young.