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This should be pronounced something like this: Hoygoren.
I got inspired by an old main building from 1770 for this house. In 1963 it was bought by the town counsil and carefully restored and ever since it has been used as a course property. Though being proud of my house I must admit, that it doesn´t really do justice to it´s source being all straight and regular in contrary to the real building, which is very beautiful and quit a lot bigger. I owe to the house to bring a picture of the real thing:
I used to have a lithography of Højgården by the danish artist Ib Spang Olsen that showed the house very well, but it was removed, so I was obviously not entitled to use it, sorry Ib! I submit this photo as well, but it doesn´t show the yellow front which is so special.
Højgaard i Bagsværd, 1770
My version of the house is also smaller than in real life and has a grey roof as I found the red ones in the game too can you say obtrusive about a colour? But then, it´s just inspired by not a copy of. In my town there is a few houses of quite a number in the same style left and all of them are used as public institutions today.
Let me show you my version:
And here is what you´ll get: Ground floor: hall, diningroom, kitchen with old stove, large, angled livingroom with stove, toilet. 1. Floor: Upper hall, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The garden is very well decorated with oceans of flowers and sweet scents. Fully decorated, no CC.
You can of course choose to take the empty shell in my Helter-Shell-ter section if that is what you prefer. But befor you make a decision have a tour: 
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And as I said get the empty shell in  the Helter-Shell-ter section

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