Saturday, 17 December 2011


It´s really difficult to teach you how to pronounce the name of this old main building, but think of the vowel sound in the french number 2= deux you´ll be very close to the danish ø. And that, my friends makes it: Seuxgoren, well, sort of... :) It is far easier to tell you that it meens the farm by the lake.
It was build in 1770 in the same area as the previous Højgården and was owned by the same man, Theodor Holmskjold, who, when he wasn´t busy owning houses, were an expert in mushrooms and fungi of all things. He even gave name to quite a few and was very well known in mushroom circles all over the world.
Like Højgården Søgården is owned by my town today and used as a course property. But I have stolen it for you, so now you can move into this little pearl if you like with or without my cc-free-furniture-selection:

And maybe you´d like to see the source as well:

Pretty, isn´t it!

Ground floor: hall, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. 1. Floor: upper hall, 3 bedrooms and bathroom. The lot even contains a orchard with flowers for the vases, fruit trees and vegetables. The house is throughout decorated.

Of course, if you prefer an empty shell, you can get it in the Helter-Shell-ter section!

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