Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Casa de la Miel y Casa de la Abeja

Or the honey and the bee!
I was in desperate need of family lots in Lucky Palms and thought I would take a short cut or two really.
So I sent my makeover company to EA´s lot library and picked out the house in danish called the Honey House, Honning huset. What it´s called in other languages I don´t know, but have a look, maybe you can recognize it.
As you can see, I actually made two versions of the house one
 of which quite a bit larger than the original.
Casa de la Abeja
Has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Casa de la Miel
 is somewhat closer to the original with only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom
By the way, to believe I could save a lot of time time to redoing in stead of building from scratch was rather naive to be honest, but then I always liked the Honey House anyway.

You might want to have a look inside, if so:

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Casa Esplendida

Some people just don´t have inhibitions. To them it´s natural to say what they meen and they hardly ever put their light under a bushel. I´m sure you can find sims who act excactly the same way and I wouldn´t be surprised if some of them gave name to this lot: Casa Esplendida

Desert Sports

Am I the only one who think EA´s lots very often takes up more valuable space than neccessary and even most of the time with only few good things?
In Lucky Palms forinstance they have placed an enormous fitness center on what may be one of the most prominent spots in town. I just had to replace it and thus I made a smaller but far more interesting one in a more appropriate place. I´m sure the millionaire sims will approve of it as they have now a large lot to build on right by the sea!
And regarding Desert Sports I´ve actually just give my "Simslille Fin Form"- fitness center an exterior makeover to make it fit the desert better. And frankly I expect more people to like this new version than the older scandinavian one. But be your own judge:



The kids will probably enjoy this

if their fathers will get out of the way:

Inside you can still get really sweatty

 but after the hard work you can get a cold drink on the roof terrace

Lot-size 30x30. No CC
If you´d like Desert Sport in your game, get it here

Bella Miranda, desert living

Having moved into Lucky Palms I have fallen in love with the thought of cohabitation in the old motel-like lot by the sunken lake. I think it´s ugly though so I have built another one next to it in the vain hope that the inhabitants feel inspired to give it a makeover.
Untill then let me introduce you to my own entry: Bella Miranda

It´s not exactly the place of the poorest sims, I suppose more the established singles, who want to live close to others or people who have retired from working life but still have a lot to offer to their community.
Let me take you on a short presentation trip on the next page