Sunday, 19 August 2012

Desert Sports

Am I the only one who think EA´s lots very often takes up more valuable space than neccessary and even most of the time with only few good things?
In Lucky Palms forinstance they have placed an enormous fitness center on what may be one of the most prominent spots in town. I just had to replace it and thus I made a smaller but far more interesting one in a more appropriate place. I´m sure the millionaire sims will approve of it as they have now a large lot to build on right by the sea!
And regarding Desert Sports I´ve actually just give my "Simslille Fin Form"- fitness center an exterior makeover to make it fit the desert better. And frankly I expect more people to like this new version than the older scandinavian one. But be your own judge:



The kids will probably enjoy this

if their fathers will get out of the way:

Inside you can still get really sweatty

 but after the hard work you can get a cold drink on the roof terrace

Lot-size 30x30. No CC
If you´d like Desert Sport in your game, get it here

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