Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bella Miranda, desert living

Having moved into Lucky Palms I have fallen in love with the thought of cohabitation in the old motel-like lot by the sunken lake. I think it´s ugly though so I have built another one next to it in the vain hope that the inhabitants feel inspired to give it a makeover.
Untill then let me introduce you to my own entry: Bella Miranda

It´s not exactly the place of the poorest sims, I suppose more the established singles, who want to live close to others or people who have retired from working life but still have a lot to offer to their community.
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Bella Miranda is built on a 40x40 lot
It has 7 bedrooms all with beds for two and separate bathroom.
Joined kitchen, dining, living and recreation areas in the communal, which also has two small toilets for the needing, as well as outside but still room for optimization regarding for instance exercise equipment, private stuff and so on.
Plenty of Store items used but no CC.

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