Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Marimekko Galore

Most people who like fashion or interior decoration know the famous Marimekko Unikko patterns with large peonies in bright colours, but Marimekko is a lot more than that.
They make the most fascinating fabrics with beautiful graphic patterns sometimes with a lot more strong and direct expression than usually seen in clothing and furniture. I don´t think I could use the biggest majority of the patterns in my own small flat, they would appear kind of too much I´m afraid, but in a larger building with large wall areas maybe even in more open levels they look absolutely stunning. In my opinion Marimekko really fits the description less is more especially with a lot of it :)
One strange thing though, there are always white or at least plain selvages with the Marimekko-name written on the patterns and it somehow belongs there even though you would otherwise hide it. But it doesn´t look good when making the patterns sims-vertible, so I´ve had to leave them out most times.
Here is a small collection of the Marimekko fabrics I´ve made for your sims:

You can find them and a lot more in my The sims 3 study here:

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