Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What on earth is she doing.....

Well, yes, I´m vain enough to hope that just a few of you, my followers have been wondering, since I haven´t been uploading for ages.
Thast´s because I´ve found a new craze: I´ve started to make patterns!
I all began with my affection for Sweden and old swedish houses, of which some of you may  have noticed, I´ve made quite a few in the beginning of my blogging carreer.
These houses very often have very old wallpapers of a certain beauty and while browsing the net one fine day, I found a website with historical prints.

So I thought, why not convert some of these very pretty and impressive old patterns for use in the game.....I gave it a go, and even though I must admit I´m only just beginning to learn this, I think I have uploaded some 700-800 wallpapers by now. I just can´t stop. Do you know, what I meen?
If you like to have some of these in your game you can visit my study at the EA Sims 3 website:


  1. Very nice! All of them look good:)