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Meens the Meadows or the house at the meadow. Another of my historical stone houses from around 1770. This one used to be the gardener´s house in a large estate called Aldershvile Slot. I´d never heard of it until I started digging, and unlike the two previous lots I don´t think this one still exists today. But I can show you an old photo I´ve found:
At the gable you can see that electric power has been connected to the house and the oblique window  in the thatched roof tells me that the lot has been in habited up untill at least maybe the 1950´ies or so.
Here is my version of the lot:
Enghuset 2011
CC: Cottage thatch roofing by Apple, TSR

As you can see, I´ve chosen to use a custom content roof this time. I suppose it´s the english version of a thatched roof, the top trim on danish thatched looks a bit different. On the other hand I think that Apple at the TSR has done quite a nice job with this one, and frankly the roofs born with the game doesn´t look half as good on these old stone houses, if you ask me.
As always I have made an empty shell of the lot as well, and this time actually two: one with thatched roof and one with normal EA slates. That´s called service I should say :)
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Enghuset contains:  Hall, diningroom, kitchen, sittingroom, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and upper hall. In the furnished version the smallest of the bedrooms is a nursery. The garden is decorated for at family with children.

Or if you prefer Enghuset as a shell with EA slate roof, get it here in my Helter-Shell-ter section...

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