Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stenhuset alias Entréhuset

This is the first stone house I got to know, and in the way the name says why: Entréhuset meens the house where you enter, and indeed it was back in the 1770´ies. Entréhuset was namely the porter´s lodge at the estate Aldershvile Slot. Slot meens manor or even palace in danish. The manor house have actually burned down so there is only a ruin left, with it´s own rather interesting story, but I´ll spare you from the Countess of Bagsværd and just offer you the houses of her subjects.
My best friend at school used to live at the old avenue that lead to the manor, as today there are private lots all the way. And Stenhuset is privately owned as well. It is in rather poor shape, sadly, and I think it must be almost impossibly expensive to restore, and difficult as old, scheduled buildings are protected by a vast number of rules and such.
Anyway it is very charming. I would like to show you an old photo of the real house and offer you my sims 3 version, which is shamelessly restored without any hesitation or respect of legislation:
Stenhuset for real and for sims 3
CC: Cottage Thatch Roofing by Apple, TSR

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Ground floor: hall, sittingroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room. 1. floor: upper hall, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Nice, peaceful garden with small pond and lots of flowers.
Or go to my Helter-Shell-ter section to get the empty shell either with thatch roofing or normal slave-slates :)

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