Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sprucetoft Park

This house may look a bit grey, maybe because it is! But it´s also a copy of the house of two of dearest favorite persons in my life.
Actually it´s an end row house but I have decided to make it a detached lot basically because I haven´t had the patience to find out how to fix the coding for building right next to the border of a lot!
This building is just one of maybe 200 that all look the same except for the colour of the windows. And to be honest I think the whole place kind of triggers my claustrofobic tendensies.
However, that doesn´t change the fact that my darlings live there, and like it a lot.

Why don´t you just have a look:
Sprucetoft Park

On purpose I haven´t done anything to the garden, in fact it is extremely small, but that is due to the fact that I plan on having you to put the house on a lot size exactly of your own choice. Maybe you will put a lot of this type of houses close to one another and make your own almost-row?
Inside you´ll find on the ground floor: a hall, kitchen, living/dining room and terrasse. 1. floor holds: upper hall, 3 bedrooms, one of which with a walk-in-closet, bathroom.

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As a new service to the ones of you who prefer empty shells in stead of furnished houses, I have made a site called Helter-Shell-ter (you can find the button above ).


  1. Det ER jo næsten som pludselig at være med i et realityshow...., bare uden rodet!!
    Kniber man øjnene lidt sammen er ligheden slående.... og så er jeg vild med navnet!

  2. Er det ikke herligt med sådan et makeover!