Thursday, 8 December 2011


Beware, family and friends, I´m handing out your homes for anybody who´d like a new one!

This fancy one belongs to a beloved friend whom I´ve known for 25 years. I have had to make a few changes basically because of differences in space IRL and in the game, so some of the rooms have changes occupants. The garden is way smaller than in real life but I´m sure my friends will love the fact that there´s no lawn at all, and no weeds either only one genuine mofo grill for the barbeque on those long, warm summer nights that we do have in Denmark.......that is occasionally.
Have a look at Ryefield:

Well, maybe I should just remove the chimneys, they are SO hideous.
I really think you ought to take a closer look so

Read more here....

This house is quite big, at least for danish scales. Let me offer you som facts:
Lot size 30x30
price: 155.000 aprox.
Floors: Ground floor and basement under a part of the house
Ground floor holds: hall, large angled dining/livingroom with stove, large dining/kitchen. 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a wonderful wintergarden with additional stove.
Basement holds: hall, large bathroom with tub and shower and room for washingmashine and dryer, if you wish, large teenage room, gym and a cosy guest bedroom.
There is a garage available and a beautiful no-maintenance garden with lovely spots for you to relax in the sun.

And by the way, I will now hurry back to my game and empty the house from furniture in order to put the shell in my Helter-Shell-ter-section, that is if you´d prefer to decorate the inside on your own.

 ( And one fine day I will have to learn how to make basement windows and doors to an outside staircase. But that day have, obviously not turned up yet. I seem to get very strange solutions and an error code 12 every time I try :) )

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