Friday, 2 December 2011


Udsigten meens the View. I once knew a boy in a house by that name, that should say everything! I don´t know really but I suppose it was build around 1925 or something. My house here is not a true copy I just took a walk down Memory Lane and grapped what I could get hold of.

A plastered villa from around 1930. Ground floor: Livinggroom, diningroom, kitchen, bathroom, stairs to the yet unexploited basement and first floor. 1. floor: 3 bedrooms a bathroom and an upper hall with stairs to the 2. floor, that holds a family room and a balcony. Lovely garden with fruit trees and vegetables and lots of flowers and relaxation possibilities for old and young.   

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Well, I know I have forgotten the tiles once again, and I also know somebody will tell me, so maybe, just maybe, this slideshow will be changed to a better one later.

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