Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gregor´s Garden

I suppose I could tell you, who lives in this house for real, but I´d rather not. This person is extremely concerned about quality and aesthetics and would probably rather see the total devastating misses I´ve made here  than the few hits. She would definately not be able to abstract from the fact that this is just a game, and without CC even a game on quite strict premisses. So even though I think I´ve done a pretty good job on her house, she will definately hate it!
Well, I love her anyway, I´m just a sissy, even though she´ll at most find my new carreer as an architect for sims rather ridiculous.
Which, of course, it is if you see it very grown up and very not loose at all. Because do we have fun in this world? Oh, yes, I think so! We should all play at least an hour a day, and the world would be a better place!

And here´s to Gregor´s Garden:
Gregor´s Garden


Gregor´s Garden is a perfect place for the mature single sim to retire to. It´s decorated with a discreet elegance yet an intriguing choice of colours and materials. This great lot contains a hall, a bedroom, 2 livingrooms en suite at bathroom and a kitchen. And  right outside the livingroom door you´ll find a wonderful sunspotted terrace for hours of  absorption in a good book or a nice cup of afternoon coffee with a good friend. By the way, Gregor´s Garden is CC free!

Or if you prefer the shell only, go to my Helter-Shell-ter section!

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