Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Today, or at least with Kigind, I´m back in Denmark. In 1930´ies-1950´ies  vast numbers of these funkis bungalows were built in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Keen on building without the use of custom content unfortunately I have been unable to find the right windows, which actually disturbs the picture quite a lot. I´m also not smart enough to build the high basement yet (don´t know if that is the right word). But normally the bungalows would have full basements and windows kind of in the base wall and an outside staircase as well as an inside. The basement would have a number of smaller rooms for laundry, larder, boiler room and box room. But from the 60´ies and up it became more and more normal that each child should have it´s own room, people got refridgerators and so on and all these small rooms could be changed to residence. As a rule not approved of by the authorities  as they didn´t fit the directions for human living suitability, which nobody cared about.
Kigind was decorated in the 60´ies I think, it´s almost retro :)
Have a look:

But the people who live her have bought a brand new tv, I can tell :)

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