Monday, 28 November 2011

Kolvasstorp gamla skolan

I have been wondering why some lots are very popular and others not when you "shop" in the Sims 3 Exchange. Maybe it is because of the names they get. Kolvasstorp gamla skolan means something like: Scirpus Croft Old School!
And this is indeed an old swedish school renovated and converted to residence just like I have seen it several times in real life.
Kolvasstorp gamla skolan

The house holds: Ground floor: hall, livingroom, diningroom, tv-room/study, kitchen, and the former pantry altered to bathroom. 1.floor: large landing with possibilities, here used as a cosy family room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Beds for 5 + a baby. Lovely garden with fruit trees and vegetables. Old barn with room for 1 horse, hayloft and a boxroom organized for the children to play in. Lot-size: 35x25


The many drawee carpets are very typical for the old swedish houses. In old times you could never find the women with empty hands and as there were often a shortage of money, everything was used again and again. Thus a worn out dress would of course be torn apart and the fabric used for drawee carpets. It is difficult to change the EA carpets to good looking drawees but I have tried in order not to use CC.

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