Monday, 28 November 2011


Tomtebo was my entry to a challenge given in my danish favorite site: Sims 3 Byggeforum
The conditions was to build a micro-lot, sized to fit either the bistro-lot or the spa-ditto in Sunset Valley. I.e. the lot-size could be at most 21x22 tiles. The house was to be inhabited by a family of 5: parents, teenagedaughter and a couple of young twin boys. And the costs could be max. 21.500 for everything, house, furniture and garden. Store-items were allowed but no CC.
I was actually quite satisfied with my entry but of course it was only my one shot among a lot of very interesting entries from all the competitors. I don´t think the winner has been announced yet, but last time I had a look, I was not number 1, though, but that´s ok. With the cost-limit of course there is still a lot to be done at the lot, when the inhabitants have earned enough :)

Swedish low budget cottage, slightly modernized but room for further renovation. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, livingroom with open kitchen. Small garden for playing and relxation. price: 21.488     
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