Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lilla Hjärtansfröjd

Most of my childhood holidays I spend in Sweden and ever since I have been in love with that fantastic country, the beautiful nature, the language and not the least the architecture of the old countryside houses and farms.
I´m sure you all know Pippi and Emil from Lönneberga, Astrid Lindgren´s wonderful stories and inspired by that I have made a serie of swedish countryside houses and farms.
Lilla Hjärtansfröjd was the first:
Lilla Hjärtansfröjd

3 bedrooms and a nursery, 2½ bathrooms, 1  kitchen with pentry/laundry, diningroom, livingroom.
In the barn you´ll find 3 horseboxes and a hayloft
The farm also rooms a workshop and a vegetablegarden.
Lot-size: 50x50
and the price......bopbopbop....134.000 aprox.




  1. I really love that house and all other houses based in Sweden. Thanks for sharing those with us:)

  2. Well thank you too, you´re so welcome, and the pleasure is all mine :)