Sunday, 27 November 2011


You don´t need a palace to hold a big family.
Björklund is inspired by my own family´s  summer cottage although it wasn´t possible to build quite as small as it really was.
We certainly didn´t have a bathroom inside or even water or outlet. All water was fetched in buckets from the well. It was ice-cold and sligthly brown from the high level of iron and it tasted so amazingly clean. The calciumlevel in the water was very low so it was almost impossible to get rid of soap and shampoo.
In the kitchen was an old iron stove with an enormous kettle on it always filled with hot water for cooking and cleaning.
In the livingroom of this version you´ll find a pretty tiled stove made by Lisen. It is very typical for the swedish cottages but definately not for a rather simple place like Björklund, which would have been inhabited by a smallholder with his family; they would have had an iron stove.
For toilet there would have been a small privy next to the barn.
But enough talking, let me take you to Sweden once again to visit Björklund:

Björklund is build on a 20x20 lot
2-3 bedrooms, kitchen, living/diningroom, 1 bathroom

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Missyzim´s kitchen curtains: Antique kitchen plant 02: stove: Via dining table: plant: Cooper center piece: dieffenbachia:


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