Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Søbrisen, another empty house ready to take over

Fejeeper at the TSR built the great house Seabreeze Loft for Lucky Palms.
I totally fell in love with her plan for a house and turned it into a solution for one of my own tropical paradises. Even the name I kind of adopted, though actually, I wonder what you´d call it in english when something is  translated into another language, directly and therefore kind of twaddled. Søbrisen means lake-breeze in danish, you see, not sea breeze.:)
 Fejeeper´s house and my own are not that alike anymore though, but of course I want to credit her for her part of it.

ground floor
first floor
look through 1. floor
Søbrisen is built on a 30x20 lot and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas one of which the one one the ground floor is connected to open kitchen and dining area. No interior decoration except for kitchen and bathrooms. Store items might have been used but no CC.
Get Søbrisen here

NB!!!One known issue though: Please put a flat roof under the slanted, especially if you are planning to get Seasons! Otherwise I´m afraid your sims will soon find out what a tropical storm´ll do to their house :D


  1. This is a very nice floor plan, I will enjoy decorating it. Thank you ^^

  2. You are so welcome, I´m glad you like it :)