Sunday, 6 January 2013

Casa Patate

Sometimes I fell like taken by a wave and the lots really crowds in my mind trying to get out. And actually the pretty world Monte Vista has been the perfect trigger for a wave like that.
This new house: Casa Patate is a starter for the young family with gardening interests:
It certainly is a starter though, otherwise shutters would have really helped on the looks
but you can add them, when the family can afford them.
As you can see, I have made a small family for the house: the Bottaio´s, Antonio, Theresa and young Giuseppina. The first thing they did, having moved into the house was to throw themselves in front of the TV. Ungreatful bastards.
On the first floor you´ll find the master bedroom and the only bathroom of the house.
But maybe you´d just like to see it all from the top:
The ground floor, where you´ll find an open Kitchen/dining/livingroom and a tiny nursery.
And the first floor with master bedroom and bathroom.

The house is built on a 20x20 lot and has as said 1½ bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen/dining/livingroom. And a small vegetable garden. the price is just under $19.000

No CC has been used but Store-items as well as stuff from all stuff-pack and expansion can occur. It wil be replaced if you don´t own the pack.

Get Casa Patate only here

Get Casa Patate AND the Bottaio´s here
Get the Bottaio family WITHOUT house here

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