Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fruittree Cottage

Here´s an old cottage in Dragon Valley style for the small family with garden interests.
The house has 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen/diningroom and a livingroom upstairs with entry to a nice balcony. There´s a garden with lots of herbs, vegetables and fruittrees.

Very idyllic, don´t you think
The ground floor
1.st floor
The house is only sparsely furnished, I like that for the Dragon Valley houses, but of course things will appear gradually when my family needs them as I guess they will in your game.
I have used no CC, but very likely stuff from all expansions untill University and this house has been built when my game was patched for Paradise Island even though the actual world has not been published yet so it´s only the patch!
Things that are not standard will be replaced as such, if you don´t own them.
Get Fruittree Cottage here


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