Wednesday, 21 March 2012

From nothing to romantic shed

I have no Idea of the name of this house in other languages than danish, but it is from Appaloosa Plains, 19440 Carrotfield or something :)
The lot is my entry to a challenge at the danish site Sims 3 Byggeforum in which we could order our own challenge, selecting between a few given neighborhoods and whether we wanted to renovate an existing lot or build all a new. With these choices,  the dice were thrown and would decide how we were to fulfill our individual entry. I was told to go to the adress mentioned and renovate the house in a romatic style and this is what I have ended up with. I´m especially proud of the working fishpond/pool, as I have never done such a thing before.
Bella Rosenquist was just leaving her parents home with next to nothing in her savings. But she could buy this house and with the help from friends, a paintbrush, hard work and findings she turned the place into a gorgeous little den. She even managed to restore the small pond who used to be on her land before the big mashines came and turned everything into  flat land. The water is so clean, you can actually swim there, and the frogs may be returning soon!
Look at this:

Tempohytten BEFORE

Wouldn´t you just love to sit here with the one you love?
CC described on the next page
The house holds a bedroom, a living-room with open kitchen and dining and a bathroom. To thet you´ll find this lovely garden with a pond you can actually swimm in. How about that!
The housefile is zipped to make it be a bit less heavy, but as the lot has quite some cc in it it is not exactly a light weight.
( I have never uploaded a zipped lot before, so please tell me if there is problems!)

The list of credits is not linked yet, but I will asap!

List of CC:
Abuk/TSR: Palm
Luna/Simslulamai, div. roses, vanity, curtains
Mango Sims, omsp p.2
Parsimonious converted to sims 3 byAikea Guinea/Club Crimsyn: Eponymous Garden
Pilar/Simcontrol:  Rama Magnolia
RD NMS conversion (Sorry, can´t find it)
Yarona/ Sims 3 Models, lilies in a cup, cottage2wallshelf
Simply Styling: div. flowers and plants

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