Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Square

I have made this modern villa for you with a lovely patio in the middle. The style is quite minimalistic, just like I like it and I have made it practically without CC.
That is, there are a few plants by sims 3 d in the patio, but that´s it. By the way, obviously CC enough to make the house "cost" 8,18 MB, and I haven´t been able to get The Exchange accepting it, so I´ll probably go back and make a totally cc-free version as well. But till then we can rely on Mediafire :)
Later: Tell you what! That didn´t help at all, so mediaFire will have to do with the CC-free version as well.
Here is The Square:
The Square
As a shell
Here´s a look from the patio through the hall to the front door. The picture shows the lovely plants by Sims 3 d that I´ll have to remove for the CC-free version.


The house is built on a 25x25 lot and is achieveable for around 153.000 Simoleons.
It has a hall, 4 bedrooms, 2½ bathroom, 1 large kitchen/dining/livingroom, patio with pool and a low maintenance garden.
In the version shown here CC: Plants by Sims 3d

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