Sunday, 4 March 2012


I´m trying to learn not to upload all the time and create so much, I have my shoulder to think of as you might have read. But today I have something for you that has really been bothering me a bit. The observant user of this blog might thing: "I´ve seen this before," and I can only respond "So true, my friend, so true!". This is indeed a house which is already here, previously known as Spring Park.
 Now why swhould this cosy little spot bother the woman, you could say, and let me tell you why:
This little house is where I live IRL, well, at least as close as it gets. I made a no CC version and uploaded it at The Exchange, and here´s the problem: NOBODY wanted the place that I love so much. I´m never going to leave this, or should I say when I am it´ll be feet first, in a casket.
After having become addicted to uploading my lots I have had to realize the terrible fact, that I like to see how many people who want my stuff. I´m even counting sometimes!
Yes, I know, it´s embarrassing, but honestly, if that can make an old hag feel happy, who cares..... And as long as people close to me feel free to tease me about it, and believe me, they do!....I mean, nobody ´s getting hurt here. Except me, because why don´t others look with the same devoted eyes at my dear home?
Links to CC can be found if you click on the "Read more"-button rigth below
So, now I have left the CC-version and spiced up the place with lots of flowers and paintings which is actually closer to what it really looks like  but also makes it a bit heavy.
I just want you guys to see it!

Nice, little house. Beds for 3. 2 bedrooms, 1 living/diningroom, walk-in-closet, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and a hall.
It is totally filled up with CC, and even though I just lost the entire list a few minutes ago, I´m going to write it again, just for you :) In my humble iopinion this version is by far the nicest ;)
List of CC:
Garden Breeze Sims 3: Storage cans 
Sims 3 Modeli: rast 1,2 and 3 by Yarona


  1. Such a beautiful house, lady! Glad to know it's your home IRL, I love your garden(s). :D

  2. Why thank you! I love my house too, especially the garden which is a total fake, as I only have a tiny balcony. But you have no idea how many flowerboxes it can hold ;)