Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sinderup huset

This´ll be the first house I´ve made in Starlight Shores or Simmywood, as I´ve called it in my game, now is that original :) Actually I dont think it fits there. It is a 1970´ies inspired, danish, deattached house with room for the perfect family of mother, father, daughter and son. How boring is that? And still, it´s just a nice little house without pretention.
Evergreen plants makes the garden almost carefree,
besides it´s so small you almost can´t call it a garden!
The furniture was very often made of pinetree covered with
 checked horsecloth, that was rather hot at the time. Being a kid I just thought
it was scratchy.
Everybody had new kitchens. Oak veneer and white goods were everything but white:
Oxblood, olive, ochre,.... a lot more strange than actually pretty.


Sinderup huset is built on a 15x20 lot and contains 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen/dining/living room.
It´ll cost you around 62.000 Simoleons and is totally cc-free but might have stuff from all extension packs and Store.

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