Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bianca´s House

When I started in preschool I met a circus princess! Or at least she was as exotic as one. In Denmark in the later 1960´ies we were all fair haired and blue eyed, but Bianca was dark as the night, with long black curls and big brown eyes, it was even said, that her father was french! Now that was really rare, an achievement actually, who else in the whole wide world had a french father?
Well, he was not around, anyway, her mother had married another man, blond and pink as a pig, just like the rest of us, so the poetry was withering.

Besides we never really became pals Bianca and I, as we lived in two opposite ends of the town. But I still feel so ashamed when I think about the day, when her woman´s magazine with folded pages for scraps fell from the table and the scraps came out. Bianca wasn´t there to save her treasure, and the rest of us threw ourselves over the scraps and stole the best of them. Including some with gold or silver mica(?) on them. Children can be really mean some times!

I don´t know where Bianca is today or how her life is. We moved out of town when I was 10 and I lost touch.

But Bianca lived in a house that looked like the one I have made for you today. Because to me it has always been almost as exotic as the girl.
 I passed it on my way to town the other day and found, that it probably had been exactly as small as I recalled, because now, there was an extension just as ugly and big as the real house was pretty and small. I certainly didn´t want that in my game, so if you want room for a large family, you´d better look for another house.

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Bianca´s House looks bigger than it is when you see it from the garden, it really only contains 2 small bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen/diningroom and a livingroom. But then there is the wonderful garden with fishing pond and a cloud of flowers.
And believe it or not it´s all completely CC-free!


  1. Your childhood story is as cute as this little house is :)

  2. Thank you, I really appreciate your comment. A lot of people won´t even read all the stuff I´m producing, but I kind of like to write it :)