Sunday, 13 May 2012

Flyndersøhus, yippie, yet another house for you guys

I know, I´ve slowed down quite a lot lately, but thats only natural, I suppose, after having produced such a number of lots since November.
With this one I´ve still had the world, Simslille, in mind, and it´s placed on Kystvejen 24. You can have it with or without the family it´s build for, the Schwalbes. Would you like to see it?

I´d also like to introduce you to the family who lives here: Meet the Schwalbes:
Father: Preben, mother: Line, twin daughters Katinka and Kamille and toddler son, Kalle.

Nice, small cottage on mini lot containing 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen/diningroom and 1 livingroom. Furnished for 2 adults, twindaughters and toddler son. Store items used but no CC. 
Get Flyndersøhus without family here

Get Flyndersøhus with the Schwalbe family here

Get the Schwalbe family without house here

I hope you´ll enjoy it all ;-)

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