Sunday, 20 May 2012


Inspired by the television series Downton Abbey I have built this patrician home.
It´s for wealthy sims, $ 380.000 is indeed a lot, but unlike real life we all know that we won´t be put to jail if we cheat in this game.....cheat a lot!!!
Gyvelsøhus is built on a 29x14 lot originally for the world The City created by Roselil89, maybe you can recall that I´ve built houses for that world before. It has been quite troublesome this one because it wouldn´t do what I wanted it to, but now, I believe, that is history. Please have a look at Gyvelsøhus, and enjoy by the way, that even though my photo skills still lac a lot, the pics here are way better than the one at the Exchange:

Maybe you´d like to have a look inside as well:

For instance to see the look from the sittingroom to the diningroom, or vice versa

There´s also the look from the tv-room to the sitting room:
Let me suggest that you continue to the next page to see the whole slideshow and get more informations about the house


Larger patrician home on small lot. 7 bedrooms, 4½ bathroom, study, tv-room, kitchen, diningroom and sittingroom. Some store items used, such as div. lamps, curtains and plants, but no CC.     

One of the bedrooms on the second floor is made for a butler. He could have the old furniture the masters of the house figured, but they did give him a bedroom and a small livingroom even though the tele is absolutely not flat screen. Even his small bathroom could use a renovation not the least because he´s supposed to share it with guests who are staying over night in the guest room!

Gyvelsøhus is furnished for a couple with 3 children, a teenager, a child and a toddler, and a big dog, a Great Dane or an  Afghan Hound, I was thinking.

Ground floor

First floor

Second floor

You can get Gyvelsøhus here

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