Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kandesøhus, a luxury commune

My latest contribution to Simslille is a commune called Kandesøhus. It´s the home of 5 talented young sims who found out that living together were much more fun than living alone.
They are all quited privileged, though, which you can tell by looking at the house. I´m sure that many youngsters IRL would give half an arm to live in a place like that. I suppose they come from rich families?
Here´s the house built in solid, rough materials like concrete, steel and redwood.
And from the other side in the night time:
And here are the five young people who live in it i my game:
Siw Brunse, who´s a soldier, but thinks about horses most of the time and hopes to become a jockey one day.
Sverre Visholm is a musician and rarely leaves the home without a guitar. He wants to play every instument there is on this earth, but so far he has spent his time perfectioning his guitar skills.
Uffe Krantz is a soft, friendly guy. Quite a nerd, actually. He´s good at computers, gardening and chess and works as a scientist. Uffe used to be Ea´s boyfriend, but she was far too tough for him and finally dumped him. And the poor boy was devastated for days. It seems that he´s back on track again, though. Maybe with a little help from his friend Siw who swopped rooms with Ea so he now has someone to talk to before he goes to sleep.
And Ea Ahlmann moved upstairs and made an atelier in her room in which she´s always busy painting her next fabulous picture. She´s so full of herself, really, so she´s quite satisfied, as it it.
Finally we have Elena Poulsen. She´s a police officer and very skilled at it. Her boss likes her, so maybe one day she can fulfill her dream and get a job at forensics. She´s not the most outgoing person, but maybe she has a rich inner life, her colourful taste indicates that. And even though she´s with the policeforce she´s quite a skilled hacker.


Modern, posh college. 4 bedrooms with beds for 5, combined kitchen/dining/livingroom, 2 bathrooms and a roof terrace with bar. No garden. Storeitems but no CC.

Get Kandesøhus alone here

Get Kandesøhus with the 5 residents here

Get the 5 residents alone here

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