Thursday, 7 June 2012


And of course I´m giving you the house, where the von Dickmeisses live, as well.
One this small 15x15 lot I´ve managed to get room for this:
The garden is decoration only, even though the family gets lost in it every now and then,  I wonder how they manage!
In the basement you´ll find a small pool and some training equipment. The´re´s also Johannes´ room and a very small puritanically decorated room for a butler. He gets gis good salary and don´t have time for relaxation anyway, the family seems to think!
On the ground floor you´ll find a kitchen, a diningroom, a livingroom and a toilet.
 The childrens´ bedrooms are on the first floor along with a bathroom and a tv-room.
And finally on the second floor you´ll find the master bedroom, and granny´s premisses each with a bathroom.


Lovely old patrician villa on mini lot: 6½ bedrooms, 4½ bathrooms, livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, tv-room and pool in the basement. Garden too small to consider but decorative! The very favorable price is barely $ 150.000 for this nice 15x15 lot. No CC.

Get Julianesøhus alone here

Get Julianesøhus along with the von Dickmeiss family here

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