Thursday, 7 June 2012


MeresimP, the creator of Simslille, where I have been very busy lately, mentioned somewhere that she liked that one of the members had built a large house with room for a big family even though it´s quite tough on the very small lots.
-I took it as a challenge and thought, "If large houses is what she wants, large houses is what she gets!" and of course I made a big family of three generations to move into the house as well.
It´s the von Dickmeiss family: Grandmother Beate von Dickmeiss who is quite a snob, really, but also from an old, rich family, her daughter, Irene and her husband, Robert, both making a carreer in the medical industry, mostly because the previously mentioned old money is getting quite short. (That is what happens in these years of financial crisis, when sims are not being very careful in lovelife and lead substantial luxurious livings! Tsk, tsk.)
Irene and Robert have not less than 5 children: the teenagers Agnes and Johannes, the twin boys Andreas and Matthias and the cute, little afterthought, Elisabeth:

I forgot to take pictures of Irene and Robert, but here are granny and the children.

If you´d like the family, you can get them here 

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