Saturday, 2 June 2012

Simslille bibliotek, Rådhusvej 2

Here´s a story for you guys:
The citizens of the small island Simslille have been left in severe speculations.
An old islander, who left for the mainland 70 years ago and made a fortune, has passed away. She had no heirs and as she never forgot her beloved hometown she wrote a will in which she left a very large sum to improve the cultural development in Simslille. Her only criterias were that the poor old library of the island should be made a lot better and that her money should be of use and joy to all the islanders, young and old, rich and poor.
So now the islanders have to chose between two possibilities: Do they want a perfectly new concrete library with a cafeteria and everything and spend the whole amount on getting it OR would they prefer to save the charming old buildings of the existing library, give it a total makeover and still have a few simoleons left for other options?
Which would you choose?
Here´s the new library:

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The library is placed on a 20x20 lot and contains Store items but no CC.

Get Simslille bibliotek ( Simslille Library) here

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