Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ildersøhus, Kystvejen 2

Here´s another house build for Simslille, the fabulous small society of mini lots.
This one is a modern single person´s retreat made as an entry for the famous Contest of Young Architecture in Sim York.
With it´s discrete choice of decoration and materials and even the very attractive price around $35.000 it should suit most single sims.



The lot is only 10x10 and the house has Store-items but no CC.
NB: By mistake the wallsconce in the upper kitchen cabinets has been put inside out, you´ll just have to give it a turn so it enlightens the kitchen and stay invisible, sorry!!

Get Ildersøhus here

Get Ildersøhus AND the young acrobat trainee, Bjarke Tsipras, here

Or get Bjarke Tsipras alone here

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